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I am Dr.Anooja V Chandran, a PG in Conservative Dentistry and I am the co-founder of DentalFry.

Long also when I started dental blogging, I knew there were’t any proper notes for dental students about each topic.

I planned a few years, back to start a section for dental notes here, but wasnt able to do it due to my hectic college and work schedule.

So, now I had started writing notes for dental students and starting publishing it. You can search for the notes in the below table.

I will be updating the topics every 3 days and you can stay updated with it.

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Stomatitis Nicotina
Single Visit Endodontics
Treatment of Traumatized Teeth
Irrigants in Endodontics
Oral Submucous Fibrosis – OSMF
Zones of Pulp
Access Cavity Preparation
Steps in Cavity Preparation
Angular Cheilitis
Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis – ANUG
Dentigerous Cyst
Eruption Cyst
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