BDS Management Quota Fees in India – 8 Lakhs Total Package

So there are many emails and messages in my inbox, and the core question in the email are what is the BDS management quota fees in India?

I am writing this article to give you a basic idea about the fees for management quota for BDS and also tips on choosing the best dental colleges in your budget.

If you want to get a complete idea about the BDS fee structure and how it varies and more, then I would request you to go through the complete article. And there are a few dental colleges that I have personally visited and suggested, which you can keep on your list.

Before knowing about the fees, I would suggest you go through my detailed article about BDS course details, BDS course fees, and salary after BDS. This will give you a complete idea about the course and its scope.

Basic Idea About BDS Management Quota Fees

As the phrase says, these are seats that come directly under the college management. Earlier, before 2016, it was completely under the college management and students can take the seat by paying the fees directly, no matter if their score is good or bad.

But now things have changed, and even for management quota seats for BDS, the candidate must qualify for NEET-UG entrance. Even if you are ready to pay lakhs extra, you cannot be admission to the BDS course. The same is true in the case of direct admission; even if you need direct admission to BDS, you must qualify NEET entrance exam.

Most of you might know about this, but still, I just want to clear this up here.

Management Quota for BDS in Different States

Different states in India have different seat matrices and each state will have different quotas. For example, apart from government seats, all the BDS seats in UP come under the management quota. Whereas in Karnataka only 35% of the seats come under the management quota fees.

If you are looking for information regarding colleges in Karnataka, then you can go through my detailed post about BDS fees in Karnataka.

So before choosing any college, see what is the percentage of seats that come under management quota.

Let’s Talk About Management Quota Fees Now…

There are more than 300 dental colleges in India and the BDS management quota fees range from Rs.1.5 Lakhs to Rs.7 lakhs per year, excluding the hostel and food charges.

Now you might be thinking how come a huge difference in the fees slab? Many low-quality dental colleges in India are not able to survive because of a lack of students. To fill the vacant seats they will lower their tuition fees just for the sake of running the college. These are the colleges which are charging very low fees…

But there are 5% of colleges in India that charge very low fees because of similar reasons, but these are colleges with the facilities and qualities.

Yes, there are a few, hidden gems, like dental colleges in India about which people are not aware and charge very low fees.

I would classify dental colleges into 4 categories, which you can just go through. These are from my personal experience and research.

  • Known Private Dental Colleges: These are the actual best dental colleges in India like Manipal Dental College, MS Ramaiah Dental College, etc. They charge around Rs.5 Lakhs to Rs.7 lakhs per annum.
  • Branded Private Dental Colleges: These are colleges with beautiful buildings that run marketing campaigns to fill up their seats. I am not giving any examples of these colleges and don’t want to demote them. Their fees will range from Rs.4 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs per annum.
  • Low fees-Low Quality Dental Colleges: Many dental colleges in India provide BDS admission at fees as low as Rs.1 lakh per year. These types of colleges don’t have proper faculties, facilities, and patient exposure.
  • NAAC Accredited & Low fees -Hidden Gems: There are a few colleges in India that are not known by students or parents because they have very low marketing budgets. The fees will be reasonable and can expect somewhere around Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs total package for the course. And the quality of education and facilities will be twice what you will be paying.

If you want to know about the lowest fees for BDS in India, then you can go through my detailed post about BDS fees in private colleges.

I have also written detailed articles about the BDS management fee structure of colleges in different states. You can go through that below:

BDS Management Fees I Can Provide in Good College

As I told you, I am in contact with a few good colleges which provide the best facilities at low fees. I had personally visited these colleges, and I felt really good about them.

The best fee structure for BDS management quota in a NAAC accredited dental college from my end will be Rs.11 lakhs total package including hostel, food, and material charges. You can go through the yearly fees given below.

First YearRs.2.75 Lakhs
Second YearRs.2.75 Lakhs
Third YearRs.2.75 Lakhs
Fourth YearRs.2.75 lakhs
InternshipNo Fees, only have to pay for the hostel which is not mandatory.

I can provide the college in Delhi NCR, and the college is more than 20 years old with the latest technologies in dentistry.

Apart from the tuition fees, the student has to pay examination fees directly to the university.

How to choose a dental college for management quota?

There are many things you have to keep in mind while choosing a dental college to join for the BDS course. Go through the complete article and you will get a complete idea.

These are important things I feel you must keep in mind before joining any dental college for BDS in India.

#1 Patient Flow: The number of average patients per day

Dentistry is a practical course where you must have experience in treating patients during the 5-year course. The first two years will be completely pre-clinical and 2nd and 3rd years will be clinical.

You must enquire whether the college is having a decent number of patients per day so that every student in the college gets a chance to learn different treatments.

#2 Patient Exposure: Whether the students are given experiences with different kinds of treatments

It is not enough even if the college has excellent patient exposure. The students must be given a chance to treat the patients, right?

So many colleges in India have excellent patient flow, but the management or the faculties in the college are not ready to let the students do the treatment. So enquire all these through your sources or you can even contact us for the same.

#3 Faculties:

The college must have full-time faculties who are ready to guide the students at any point in time. There are private dental colleges in India where that have renowned, experienced, and award-winning faculties. But that is not what you need as per my suggestion.

You need faculties who are ready to teach you and help you in growing. And check whether the college has full-time faculties.

#4 Equipment and Technologies: OPG, CBCT, Endodontic Microscope, CAD-CAM, etc.

I am not telling you to join colleges with all the latest technologies and research centers. I would say that the college must at least have perfectly working dental chairs with proper ceramic labs.

It would be really very good if the college had CBCT, CAD-CAM, an Endodontic microscope, and more.

#5 Recognition & Affiliation

Check whether the college is recognized by the Dental Council of India and affiliated with a good university. A good university means one conducts all the exams on time and the pass percentage is decent.

#6 Budget

Every family will have a budget for education, and you have to keep that in mind seriously. Whatever will be the fees, you have to keep around 3-4 lakhs extra in mind as there will be basic expenses and academic expenses too.

#7 Hidden Fees and the College Management

Enquire whether the college charges any extra fees regularly. Make it clear with the college and get that written in the name of the student and keep those for future responses.

Many college management pressurises the students during exam time just to loot some money. Please do enquire through your sources about the college management and hidden charges too.

#8 Stipend

This is not something you have to focus on much! There are colleges in India that pay stipends to students during their internships. It ranges from Rs.2000 to Rs.17,000 depending on each college. Never join a dental college after seeing that they are giving huge stipends. Focus on your skills and knowledge.

I guess you got an idea of how to shortlist the best dental colleges in India. If you need any support from my end regarding BDS management quota fees, then you can contact me directly.

How I can help you?

If you are looking to join a dental college in India for BDS then I can surely help you out.

You might be confused about which college to join, how to know whether the college is providing quality education etc right?

That is where I will help you! I have personally visited and known students and faculties in many dental colleges in India. I have an exact idea about different dental colleges in India. I can provide you with guidance for BDS admission.

  • Professional College selection Guidance: With more than 10 years of experience in the dental education industry, I can help you filter colleges while keeping in mind your requirements.
  • Counseling Guidance: As I told you earlier, you have to attend the counseling conducted by the MCC or the state depending on the college you want to join. Here I will help you through the complete procedures of the counseling and help you in securing a BDS management seat.
  • Seat booking at lowest fees: In order to secure your seat, I can also help you in booking a seat in many dental colleges in India at a competitive fee structure.

And Why you must choose me for BDS admission guidance?

  • Transparency: Most of the counselors are not transparent in providing information about the colleges, counseling procedures, and fee structures. We keep 100% transparency so that there won’t be any doubts in the student’s minds.
  • Reputed Dental Colleges: We are only supporting dental colleges that are recognized by the Dental Council of India and are affiliated with the best university.
  • Educational Loan Guidance: I won’t be providing you with an educational loan. However, I will be guiding you through the complete procedures and will also provide supporting documents needed for the approval of the educational loan.
  • Study Materials: We will be providing you with the basic study materials and course guide which will surely help you in your dental studies.
  • Dental Kit: We will also provide the students with pre-clinical dental materials which will be useful for them during the first and second years.
  • Scholarships: We will also be providing scholarships to very few needy students. This completely depends on academic performance only.
  • Discounts and Offers: We will be providing the students with lifetime discounts and offers on every premium course and product from DentalFry.

Regularly Asked Questions about BDS Management Quota Fees

Can I get BDS management quota admission without NEET?

You even if you have to take BDS admission through management quota or NRI quota, you have to qualify NEET.

Can I get BDS management seat without donation?

Yes, you can easily get BDS admission in management quota without paying any donation.

Can I book a management quota BDS seat?

Yes, you can directly book the seat for BDS in most of the private dental colleges.

Can I cancel the booking later?

That depends completely on college managements. Most the colleges will give you a 100% refund and some then will charge you for cancellation.

What all extra fees will be charged by the college?

Different colleges charge differently, but generally colleges will be charging extra for books, dental materials which you can even buy from outside.

Is the fees higher for management quota in BDS?

No, the tutition fees will be minimal and affordable for BDS in management quota.


I have included all the information regarding dental management quota fees and how I can help you with this. If you really loved the information I provided here, please share it with your friends and people in need.

If you are really having questions related to BDS payment seat fees, then you can comment below or call or Whatsapp me at +91-8951242255 and I will try to provide you with the best guidance possible.

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