BDS Course Fees – Everything You Want to Know About It

After thousands of texts and emails, I am now ready to give you the best guide about BDS course fees in India. ๐Ÿ˜€

Yes, I indeed used to get hundreds of emails and texts from students and parents asking about the fee structure for BDS. When I researched deep into it, I found that there is no clear and exact piece of information about BDS course fees.

That is when I thought, why not write a detailed, informative guide about the same?

So before I start explaining, I just want to tell you that this article is going to be a LONG ONE, but a VERY INTERESTING ONE.

You can use our table of contents to navigate through the complete article and you can bookmark it for future reference.

Basics About BDS Course Fees

First of all, I want you to know about the types of colleges and how their fees vary. There are 3 types of colleges:

  1. Government Dental Colleges.
  2. Private Dental Colleges.
  3. Deemed Dental Colleges.

The fee structure for government colleges will be the lowest, then the private colleges and the costliest one will be deemed dental colleges.

I will further explain about each college and their range of fee structures.

Personal tip:

If you are looking for the best colleges and there is no limit on budget, then you must choose deemed dental colleges.
If you are under budget constraints, then you must choose private dental colleges.

The reason is that most of the students give their best shot for the All India Counseling, under which the deemed colleges are allotted. Once these seats are filled, there will be few vacant seats available in private dental colleges.

In which we can negotiate a bit and take admission at the lowest fees possible.

Private Lowest BDS Fees in Best College

I have visited 100+ dental colleges in India personally and have reviewed their quality of education. Yes, we have a team of dentists who travel 3 months in a year, explore new dental colleges, and write reviews about them.

This helps us in choosing the right dental college for our candidates.

There are 350+ dental colleges, and I have covered more than 100 of them. And the fee structure I will be mentioning here will be from those colleges which I have visited personally.

The lowest and best fee structure in a good dental college, which I can provide, is Rs.10 lakhs Rs.13 lakhs total package including hostel and food.

You can pay the fees in equal instalments of Rs.2.5 lakhs to Rs.3.25 lakhs per year, which includes your hostel and food.

Now in the coming sections, I will be explaining the fee structure for each type of college.

BDS Course Fees in Government Colleges

The fee structure for BDS in government dental colleges ranges from Rs.6,000 to Rs.85,000, depending on each college.

But the only hurdle you will be facing is that you have to score really high in your NEET-UG entrance exam. If not, you won’t be allocated a seat in a government dental college.

And the best part is that they will pay you a decent stipend during your 1-year internship. ๐Ÿ˜›

If you need in-depth details, then you can go through my article about BDS fees in government colleges.

BDS Course Fees in Private Colleges

The fee structure for BDS in private colleges ranges from Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.24 lakhs, depending on each college and location.

For example, there are colleges in MP, UP, Haryana, etc, where the total package will range between Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.14 lakhs. Similarly, there are colleges in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu where the fees range from Rs.12 lakhs to Rs.24 lakhs.

Yes, there is a huge difference in the fee structure from college to college.

I have even seen colleges whose infrastructure and quality of education are excellent, but due to their location, they are charging very low fees.

If you are looking for a good dental college with good ROI, then it will cost you around Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.12 lakhs for the complete course, including hostel and food.

For complete, in-depth details about it, you can go through my detailed post about the BDS fee structure in private colleges.

I have also written a detailed article about BDS fees in different states, and you can go through it below:

BDS Course Fees in Deemed Dental Colleges

The fee structure for BDS in deemed dental colleges is a bit high. The MCC conducts admission and counseling procedures for deemed dental colleges.

The BDS course fees in deemed dental colleges range from Rs.3.5 lakhs to Rs.7 lakhs per annum, excluding hostel and food.

The college might charge a hostel fee of around Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakhs, depending on each college.

If we round off, the minimum fees for completing the BDS course in a deemed dental college will cost you around Rs.20 lakhs, and it can go up to Rs.32 lakhs, including your hostel, food, and miscellaneous fees.

BDS Course Fees Myths and Scams

There are many myths and scams among students and parents now. And please be aware of them as it is a matter of your future.

BDS Admission Without NEET

Many scammers in India claim to provide you with BDS seats at low fees without qualifying NEET exam by paying an extra fee.

NEET counseling is centralized counseling, and you can’t take BDS admission anywhere in India without qualifying for NEET. There are many of news about fraudsters who are into this.

BDS without NEET through Management/NRI Quota

These scammers will convince you that to take BDS admission through management or NRI quota, you don’t have to qualify for NEET. But it is clear by the rules that even for taking admission through management or NRI quota, the candidate must qualify NEET-UG entrance exam.

BDS Donation

As all the college admissions are happening through NEET, the candidate doesn’t have to pay anything in the name of donation or capitation fees.


When I tell these to students and parents, they don’t trust me. Because they feel everything is possible with money and these so-called agents can manipulate it. Later, when they realize that they are trapped, they want our help.

How to Choose A Good College with low fees?

In this section, I won’t be talking about government dental colleges as there is no meaning in talking about it. If you have been allotted a seat for BDS in a government college, then you can join there without a second thought.

For choosing private or deemed dental colleges, I keep a small checklist, which will surely help you in choosing a good dental college.

# Affiliation & Recognition

The college must be recognized by DCI and affiliated with a reputed university. Few colleges are affiliated with the worst universities, which don’t conduct their exams on time.

Due to delays in exams, the 5-year course will get extended to a 6-year course. ๐Ÿ˜›

So please do keep in mind about the university.

# Student Patient Ratio

The college must have a decent patient flow, and the student-patient ratio must also be decent. Many dental colleges are claiming to have more than 500 or 800 patients per day, and that’s just fake marketing.

A decent college will be having a patient flow ranging from 175 to 250 per day. There are very few private colleges having more than 500 patients per day.

# Faculties

If you have 500 patients but not a good teacher to teach you, then there is no use. Go for colleges which has excellent faculty. I didn’t mean that the college must have celebrity dentists – there must be good teachers who are ready to teach you.

I have seen many top colleges in India, which have the best equipment and infrastructure but the faculties are the worst.

Dentistry is a hands-on clinical course and proper guidance must be there.

# Infrastructure

Never get attracted to fancy buildings and distractions. Infrastructure means, then, basic amenities and equipment needed to teach and treat.

# Hidden Fees

Almost 50% of the private dental colleges in India charge hidden fees from students. The major issue is that, while joining the management, it does reveal these, and later, the parents and students will be in trouble.

# Affordability

Never choose colleges that are out of your budget. Not having enough budget, choose the best college in your budget. The return on investment must be good.

If you are spending 10 lakhs for the total course, you must be able to recover it at least 2 to 2.5 years after completing the course.

# Management

The major motto of a private college is to make money. There is no doubt about that!

But some colleges concentrate only on making money and making students suffer. On the other hand, some colleges make money and provide quality to students without cheating them.

Go for colleges which ready to provide you with quality infrastructure and education. This is something big, and you must keep it in mind.

How Can I Help You?

Now that I have provided you with all the information about BDS course fees, you might want to know how I can help you – Right?

I am someone who has been in the dental industry for the past 13 years, and no one in India knows about dentistry, colleges, and education like our team knows.

We are completely dedicated to improving the field of dentistry and dental education in India. For this, we are completely focusing on creating excellent dentists around the country.

I will mention a few ways I will be able to help you.

#1 Guidance in Choosing College with Low BDS Course Fees

I told you earlier that our team has visited more than 100 dental colleges in India, and we have students and contacts in more than 200 dental colleges. This helps us in being updated about each college, their departments, and the cons and pros.

With all the data and information, we filter out the best college for you with fees in your budget.

#2 Competitive Fees Guarantee

Our motto is to provide the best option to all our candidates at the lowest fee structure. We can guarantee that we will be able to provide you with the lowest fee structure in most of the colleges.

#3 Counseling Guidance

For taking admission to any dental college in India we will be providing you with premium guidance starting from registration till allotment of a seat. We will keep you updated about the documents, dates, process, and more.

#4 Seat Booking Facility

In a few colleges, we can help you in booking a BDS seat at a competitive fee structure.

#5 Educational Loan Guidance

Do you want to apply for an educational loan? We will help you in arranging the proper documents from the college, university, and the Dental Council of India.

Is My Service Paid?

For all the private colleges’ guidance, my service will be 100% FREE of COST.

If you are opting for a deemed university, then you have to go for my premium paid service.

Why for FREE?

While guiding you to a college, I have tied up with a few dental equipment companies and sponsors, which will be providing me with a small incentive so that I don’t have to charge anything from the student.

Why paid service for deemed colleges?

These so-called companies or institutions don’t support deemed colleges, so to make it up and run the blog I will be charging a fee from the candidate.

And every year, our team won’t be guiding more than 75 students per academic year for deemed universities.

But there is no limitation for slots in private colleges.

Why choose Our Service?

You might be thinking, there are hundreds of consultants and why you must choose my service – Right?

There are hundreds of reasons, and I will list a few of them here – which any consultant in India won’t provide you with. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

#1 100% Transparency

Our service and documentation will always be 100% transparent with the candidate and parents. We want to keep the transparency in financial transactions, which will help us both.

#2 Study Materials’s

As you know we specialize in dentistry, we will provide you with free study materials for students who choose our service. That too FREE of cost.

#3 Discounted Books and Materials

We have many partnered companies, and we will try our best to provide you with books and other dental materials at a discounted price.

#4 Concessions on Courses & Events

We conduct many events and courses for working dentists and students. We will provide them with a premium concession for a lifetime.

#5 Access to Premium Content

We publish premium content and E-Books regularly, and we will provide free access to these premium content for FREE for all our candidates.

And many more.


Can I get BDS admission without NEET?

No, you cannot BDS admission without qualifying NEET MDS exam.

What will be the BDS course fees in government college?

The fees in government BDS colleges ranges from Rs.6000 to Rs.85,000 depending on colleges.

What will be the BDS fees in private colleges?

The fee structure for BDS in private colleges starts from Rs.8 lakhs total package including hostel and food.

What will be the BDS course fees in deemed colleges?

The fees for BDS in deemed colleges ranges from Rs.3.5 lakhs to Rs.7 lakhs per annum, excluding hostel and food.

Wrapping Up

I hope all your doubts regarding the BDS course are covered in the article. ๐Ÿ˜›

All the information I have provided here is from my personal experience in dental career guidance from the past 12 years. If you feel this article is informative, please do share it with students and parents in need.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or comment your queries below. I will try my best to clear all your doubts and answer your questions.

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