NEET MDS Mock Test - 100% Free with selected questions and Modules
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NEET-PG MDS Online Free Mock Test

Before you start with the online MDS mock test series, I would like to give some basic details about the exam.

There are many test papers available and we will be updating the questions and papers ever day without fail. So just bookmark this page for giving exams in future.

All the right answers carry 4 marks each and each wrong answer will give you -1. After you hit the submit button, you can see the result in the same screen with all the details like number of questions attended, right and wrong answers etc.

A copy of the result will be sent to your e-mail as soon as you submit the answers.

I had made the test series in three types.

  • Subject wise short modules – 30 questions.
  • Subject wise long module – 240 questions.
  • General Question Paper – 240 questions.

How to start with the Online NEET MDS Mock Test?

This is the first question which might come in your mind. I would just give you my suggestion and the study patter of students differs.

If you are studying a particular subject, then complete the 30 question paper first and then go for the 240 questions. When you are done with most of the subjects, then start giving the general NEET MDS mock test series.

This blog is a platform to share and learn and 99% of the content on my blog is free. If you are having any suggestion, then you can comment it below and I will try to respond as soon as possible. All the best and take care!

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