MDS Fee Structure in Private Colleges in India [2024]

Hope your NEET-MDS exam went well! 😛

The NEET-MDS results came like lightning last year, a pure surprise! ⚡

Usually, it takes a month or two for the authorities to declare the results.

But in this last session(2023), the results were declared in 9 days. The exam was conducted on the 1st of March, 2023, and the results were declared on the 10th of March, 2023.

Now that we can’t make any difference to what happened, it’s time to buckle up and time to be ready for the counseling to secure an MDS seat.

I am Vishnu Nambiar, a dental blogger and career counselor! 😀

I have been guiding students for more than a decade to secure MDS seats in different top dental colleges in India, and the most asked questions by students and parents are –

In this article, I will guide and explain to you thoroughly the MDS course fee structure in private dental colleges for each department in different states.

I will also try to share with you the low fees for dental colleges for MDS.


If you want to get the complete idea and benefits of this article, then you must read the article completely. I will try my best to keep the article to the point! I will tell you:

  • How do I choose and recommend colleges?
  • How can I help you in taking MDS admission?
  • What are the benefits I can provide you?

It is not practically possible to explain the fee structure of each college so that I will give you a general idea about the same first, and in the later part, I will provide you with the fee structure of MDS state-wise.

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MDS Fee Structure in Private Colleges in India

You might be aware that the fee structure for each department varies.

General Idea About MDS Fees in Private Colleges

Before I explain to you the fees of different branches of MDS, let me give you a basic idea. The fee structure for MDS in the colleges in South India will be higher compared to other parts of the country.

Now you might be thinking that it is only because of the quality of education provided by the colleges. Many of the top dental colleges are indeed located in the South, but that doesn’t mean the colleges in the North are not up to the mark.

If you have scored very low score or just secured the border qualification marks in the NEET-MDS exam, then I would suggest you go to colleges in the North.

The reason? An MDS seat, which costs you around Rs.40-45 lakhs in Karnataka, might cost you around Rs.20-30 Lakhs, providing the same standard of education and quality of the college.

If you want in-depth information, you can go through my detailed article about:

MDS Fee Structure – Department Wise – An Average Explained

BranchTotal Fee Structure Range including Hostel & Food
EndodonticsStarts from Rs.21 lakhs to Rs.60 Lakhs
OrthodonticsStarts from Rs.21 lakhs to Rs.60 Lakhs
Oral SurgeryStarts from Rs.21 lakhs to Rs.60 Lakhs
ProsthodonticsStarts from Rs.21 lakhs to Rs.35 Lakhs
PedodonticsStarts from Rs.12 lakhs to Rs.30 Lakhs
PeriodonticsStarts from Rs.11 lakhs to Rs.24 Lakhs
Oral MedicineStarts from Rs.9 lakhs to Rs.15 Lakhs
Oral PathologyStarts from Rs.6 lakhs to Rs.15 Lakhs
CommunityStarts from Rs.12 lakhs to Rs.18 Lakhs

The above-mentioned fees include tuition fees, hostel, food, and material charges.

Yes, and I can guarantee you that these colleges won’t be cheap and low-quality colleges. These colleges will have the best facilities, patient exposure, and technologies.

Extra Fees You Must Expect – Examination & Material Fees

Examination Fees

Apart from the tuition fees and hostel fees, you must also expect examination fees. You might be thinking it will be around Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000.

This depends on each university and college! I know colleges whose examination fees are around Rs.1 lakh. You must expect a minimum of Rs.25,000 as examination fees.

Material Fees

In the above table, almost 90% of the fees are including your material fees. But few colleges charge a huge material fee. You can expect the charges to be around Rs.80,000 to Rs.1.25 lakhs per year, depending on each college.

If you are planning to join any deemed colleges, then you can go through the deemed universities’ MDS fee structure.

MDS Fees I Can Provide You With

There are a few colleges that I personally know that are good in terms of clinical and academics with the lowest MDS fee structure.

Note: As there are very few seats for MDS major branches, I can guide a few students for the following fees.

I can provide MDS for all the students at the following fee structure.

  • Endo, Ortho, Surgery and Prostho: I personally can guide you to colleges charging Rs.18 lakhs for the total course of 3 years. And these are quality colleges and not cheap colleges.
  • Pedodontics: Rs.14 lakhs for the entire course.
  • Periodontics: Rs.12 lakhs total package.
  • Non-clinical: Rs.1.5 lakhs to Rs.3 lakhs per year.

And this fee structure is for quality colleges but you must be ready to migrate to any part of the country.

It will be really good for you if you are planning about these after your NEET MDS exam – but before the results are out.

MDS Fee Structure State-Wise

I have given the official fee structure for MDS in each state. It is just the tuition fees per year.

In Andhra Pradesh, there are 3 types of seats – CQ, MQ 1 and MQ 2. Below given fees is the average fees for each department.

MDS fees in AP

College NameC_QM_Q (S1 category)M_Q ( IQ & NRI) (S2 & S3 category)
Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Vijayawada10,620/-N/AN/A
Govt. Dental College, RIMS, Kadapa10,620/-N/AN/A
GSL Dental College & Hospital, Rajahmundry3,41,550/-.6,83,100/-13,80,000/-
Anil Neerukonda Institute of Dental Sciences, Visakhapatnam3,41,550/-.6,83,100/-13,80,000/-
C.K.S. Teja Institute of Dental Sciences &
Research, Tirupati
Care Dental College, GunturN/AN/AN/A
Drs. Sudha & Nageswara Rao Siddhartha Institute of Dental Sciences, Gannavaram Mandalam3,41,550/-.6,83,100/-13,80,000/-
G. Pulla Reddy Dental College & Hospital,
Gitam Dental College & Hospital, Vishakhapatnam3,41,550/-.6,83,100/-13,80,000/-
KIMS Dental College, Amalapuram3,41,550/-.6,83,100/-13,80,000/-
Lenora Institute of Dental Sciences, Rajahmundry3,41,550/-.6,83,100/-13,80,000/-
Narayana Dental College & Hospital, Nellore3,41,550/-.6,83,100/-13,80,000/-
Nimra Institute of Dental SciencesN/AN/AN/A
St. Joseph Dental College, Duggirala3,41,550/-.6,83,100/-13,80,000/-
Sibar Institute of Dental Sciences, Guntur3,41,550/-.6,83,100/-13,80,000/-
Sree Sai Dental College & Research Institute, Srikakulam3,41,550/-.6,83,100/-13,80,000/-
Vishnu Dental College, Bhimavaram3,41,550/-.6,83,100/-13,80,000/-

There is only one dental college in Assam and its fees is Rs.13,000 per year. It is a government dental college, called as Regional Dental College.

CollegeOral SurgeryOral MedicinePeriodonticsOrthodonticsPaedodonticsConservative DentistryProsthodonticsOral PathologyPublic Health Dentistry
Patna Dental College and hospital, Patna.NANANANANANARs.45,000.NANA
Mithila Minority Dental College and hospital, Darbangha.Rs.7 lakhs.NARs.3 lakhs.Rs.6.3 lakhs.Rs.3 lakhs.Rs.6.3 lakhs.Rs.5 lakhs.NANA
Dr BR Ambedkar Institute of Dental science and Hospital, Patna.NARs.6 lakhs.Rs.6 lakhs.Rs.6 lakhs.NANARs.6 lakhs.NANA
Buddha Institute of Dental science, Patna.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.6 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.6 lakhs.Rs.6 lakhs.
CollegeOral SurgeryOral MedicinePeriodonticsOrthodonticsPaedodonticsConservative DentistryProsthodonticsOral PathologyPublic Health Dentistry
Govt Dental College and hospital, Raipur.Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000
New horizon Dental College and research Institute Bilaspur.Rs 4,54,062Rs 4,54,062Rs 4,54,062Rs 4,54,062Rs 4,54,062Rs 4,54,062Rs 4,54,062NANA
Chhatisgarh Dental College and research Institute Rajnandgaon.Rs 4,65,062Rs 4,65,062Rs 4,65,062Rs 4,65,062Rs 4,65,062Rs 4,65,062Rs 4,65,062NANA
Triveni Institute of Dental science Bilaspur.NARs 4,65,062Rs 4,65,062Rs 4,65,062Rs 4,65,062Rs 4,65,062Rs 4,65,062Rs 4,65,062NA
Rungta College of Dental science and research Bhilai.Rs.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhsRs.5 lakhsRs.5 lakhsRs.5 lakhsRs.5 lakhsRs.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
Maitri college of dentistry and research centre durg.Rs.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhsRs.5 lakhsRs.5 lakhsRs.5 lakhsRs.5 lakhsRs.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
College NameFees per year all branches
Government Dental College, Goa.Rs.15,000
CollegeOral SurgeryOral MedicinePeriodonticsOrthodonticsPaedodonticsConservative DentistryProsthodonticsOral PathologyPublic Health Dentistry
Narsinhbhai Patel Dental College & Hospital, Visnagar12 lakhs2.5 lakhsRs.4.86 lakhsRs.7.95 lakhsRs.6 lakhsRs.8.49 lakhsRs.6.95 lakhsRs.2.5 lakhsRs.2.5 lakhs
Karnavati School Of Dentistry, Uvarsad, Gandhinagar.7.25 lakhsNA4.5 lakhs7.25 lakhs4.67 lakhs7.25 lakhs7.25 lakhsNANA
Dharamsinh Desai Institute of Dental Sciences, Nadiad.10.99 lakhsNANA8.99 lakhs5.49 lakhs9.99 lakhs9.99 lakhs2.99 lakhsNA
Manubhai Patel Dental College, Vadodara.NANA6.5 lakhs9.8 lakhsNA10.25 lakhs9.8 lakhs1.75 lakhsNA
Goenka Research Institute of Dental Science, Piplaj.6.5 lakhNA4 lakhs7 lakhsNA7.5 lakh7 lakhsNANA
College of Dental Sciences & Research Centre, Near Bopal.7.99 lakhs2.99 lakhs6.39 lakhs7.99 lakhs6.39 lakhs5.49 lakhs7.49 lakhs2.99 lakhsNA
College of Dental Sciences & Research, Amargadh.NA1.72 lakhs3.72 lakhs6.22 lakhs4.22 lakhs6.22 lakhs6.22 lakhsNANA
AMC Dental College, Ahmedabad.7.56 lakhsNA7.56 lakhs7.56 lakhsNA7.56 lakhs7.56 lakhsNANA
Ahmedabad Dental College8 lakhs2 lakhs6 lakhs8 lakhs6.5 lakhs8 lakhs8 lakhs2 lakhsNA
Government Dental College, Jamnagar.Rs 20,000Rs 20,000Rs 20,000NANARs 20,000Rs 20,000Rs 20,000NA
Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Ahmedabad.Rs 20,000Rs 20,000Rs 20,000Rs 20,000Rs 20,000Rs 20,000Rs 20,000Rs 20,000Rs 20,000
CollegeOral SurgeryOral MedicinePeriodonticsOrthodonticsPaedodonticsConservative DentistryProsthodonticsOral PathologyPublic Health Dentistry
PGI, RohthakRs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000Rs 22,000
PDM Dental CollegeRs.6,00,000Rs.2.25 lakhsRs.3,50,000Rs.6,35,000Rs.3,50,000Rs.6,35,000Rs.5,50,000Rs.1,00,000NA
Sudha Rustagi College of Dental Sciences, Faridabad.Rs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhs
Jan Nayak Ch.Devi Lal VidyapeethNANARs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsNARs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsNANA
Manav Rachna Dental College, Faridabad.Rs.6,00,000Rs.2,25,000Rs.3,50,000Rs.6,35,000.Rs.3,50,000Rs.6,35,000Rs.5,50,000Rs.1 lakhNA
D.A.V Centenary Dental CollegeRs 6.85 lakhsNARs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsNANA
SGT Dental College, Gurgaon.Rs.8,00,000Rs.3,00,000Rs.4,50,000Rs.8,00,000Rs.Rs.5,50,000Rs.8,00,000Rs.8,00,000Rs.1,60,000Rs.3,50,000
Maharishi Markandeshwar Dental College, Mullana.Rs.7,50,000Rs.3,70,000Rs.6,10,000Rs.7,50,000Rs.6,10,000Rs.7,50,000Rs.7,50,000Rs.2,70,000Rs.2,70,000
Swami Devi Dyal Dental CollegeRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhsRs 6.85 lakhs
CollegeOral SurgeryOral MedicinePeriodonticsOrthodonticsPaedodonticsConservative DentistryProsthodonticsOral PathologyPublic Health Dentistry
Government Dental College, ShimlaRs.39,000Rs.39,000NARs.39,000Rs.39,000Rs.39,000Rs.39,000Rs.39,000Rs.39,000
Bhojia Dental College & HospitalNANARs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000NA
Himachal Institute of Dental SciencesRs. 6,50,000Rs.6 lakhs.Rs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000NA
Himachal Dental College & HospitalNANARs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000Rs. 6,50,000NANA
CollegeOral SurgeryOral MedicinePeriodonticsOrthodonticsPaedodonticsConservative DentistryProsthodonticsOral PathologyPublic Health Dentistry
Vananchal Dental College and hospital, Garhwa.NARs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.NANA
Awadh Dental College and hospital, Jamshedpur.Rs.12 lakhs.NARs.10 lakhs.Rs.12 lakhs.Rs.11 lakhs.Rs.12 lakhs.Rs.12 lakhs.Rs.8.5 lakhs.NA
Hazaribagh College of Dental sciences and Hospital, Hazaribag.NARs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.Rs.9 lakhs.NANA

To get an in-depth idea about MDS fees here, I would suggest you to go through my detailed articles about:

CollegeOral SurgeryOral MedicinePeriodonticsOrthodonticsPaedodonticsConservative DentistryProsthodonticsOral PathologyPublic Health Dentistry
Bapuji Dental College and Hospital915750.00/-265750.00/-265750.00/-1365750.00/-915750.00/-1365750.00/-915750.00/-NA265750.00/-
College of Dental Sciences, Davangere915750.00/-265750.00/-265750.00/-1365750.00/-915750.00/-1365750.00/-915750.00/-265750.00/-265750.00/-
Academy of Medical Education Dental CollegeNANA615750.00/-1215750.00/-715750.00/-1415750.00/-15750.00/-NANA
Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences1040750.00/-372826/-NA1615750.00/-NA1615750.00/-NANANA
Krishnadevaraya College of Dental Sciences1315750.00/-NA815750.00/-1355750.00/-955750.00/-1415750.00/-1115750.00/-NANA
K.Venkataramana Gowda Dental College, Sullia1115750.00/-NANA1415750.00/-815750.00/-1415750.00/-915750.00/-NA190750.00/-
Dr.M.R.Ambedkar Dental College and Hospital1989050.00/-NA1835950/-2267250.00/-1835950/-2267250.00/-1835950/-NANA
M.S.Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences1841300.00/-NA40750.00/-1841300.00/-40750.00/-1841300.00/-1841300.00/-40750.00/-NA
RV Dental College1115750.00/-NANA1715750.00/-681434.00/-1715750.00/-681434.00/-NANA
PM Nadagowda Memorial Dental College and Hospital1515750.00/-NA15750.00/-1515750.00/-NA1515750.00/-NA15750.00/-NA
VS Dental College and Hospital1315750.00/-NANA1515750.00/-1315750.00/-1515750.00/-1315750.00/-NANA
K L E S Institute of Dental Sciences1115750.00/-NANA1415750.00/-NA1415750.00/-1115750.00/-NANA
Sri. Hasanamba Dental College and Hospital681434/-681434/-681434/-681434/-NANA681434/-681434/-NA
Maratha Mandal Dental College1015750.00/-NANA1115750.00/-NA1115750.00/-715750.00/-NANA
Al-Ameen Dental College1515750.00/-NANANANANANANANA
Al Badar Dental College and Hospital1015750.00/-NANA1115750.00/-NA1015750.00/-1115750.00/-NANA
Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital1765750.00/-NA465750/-1765750.00/-NA1865750.00/-1015750/-215750/-215750/-
Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Centre1515750.00/-NANA1515750.00/-NA1515750.00/-NANANA
Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences1215750.00/-NA680750/-2015750.00/-1215750.00/-2015750.00/-1215750.00/-NANA
Oxford Dental College, Bangalore1465750.00/-NANA1465750.00/-NA1615750.00/-1315750.00/-NANA
A.J. Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore1815750.00/-1157500.00/-1157500.00/-1815750.00/-1515750.00/-1815750.00/-1515750.00/-15750.00/-NA
Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara Dental College, Dharwad1345601.00/-NA908813.00/-1345601.00/-357326/-1345601.00/-1345601.00/-165750.00/-NA
Navodaya Dental College, Raichur1115750.00/-NANA1215750.00/-15750.00/-1415750.00/-915750.00/-NA15750.00/-
Sri Rajiv Gandhi Dental College, Bangalore1265750.00/-15750.00/-15750.00/-NA15750.00/-NA1015750.00/-15750.00/-NA
Raja Rajeshwari Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore1215750/-NANA1415750/-NA1415750/-1215750/-NANA
Sharavathi Dental College, ShimogaNANANA1315750.00/-NA1315750.00/-815750.00/-NANA
Srinivasa Institute of Dental Science, MangaloreNANANA1515750.00/-NANA1515750.00/-NANA
S.B.Patil Institute of Dental ScienceNANA372826.00/-1115750.00/-NA1215750.00/-NANANA
Subbaiah Institute of Dental Science. Shimoga915750.00/-NA215750.00/-NA681434.00/-NA815750.00/-65750.00/-65750.00/-
HKE S Nijalingappa Dental College1215750.00/-NANA1215750.00/-NA1515750.00/-1215750.00/-NANA
Sri Jagadguru Murugharajendra Dental CollegeNANANANANA1365750/-NANANA

CollegeClinicalsNon- Clinicals
Kannur Dental College,Kannur.Rs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
Malabar Dental CollegeRs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
Sri. Sankara Dental College, Varkala.Rs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
Noorul Islam College of Dental ScienceRs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
PSM College of Dental Sciences, Thrissur.Rs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
MES Dental College, Perinthalmanna.Rs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
Sree Anjaneya Institute of Dental Sciences, Kozhikode.Rs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
Annoor Dental CollegeRs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
Pushpagiri College of Dental Science, Thiruvalla.Rs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
St. Gregorios Dental CollegeRs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
Royal Dental CollegeRs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
Mar Baselious Dental College, Kothamangalam.Rs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
Govt. Dental College, Thiruvananthapuram,Rs.71,680.Rs.71,680.
Govt. Dental College, Kozhikkode.Rs.71,680.Rs.71,680.
Govt. Dental College, Kottayam.Rs.71,680.Rs.71,680.
PMS College of Dental SciencesRs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
KMCT Dental CollegeRs.8.5 lakhsRs.3 lakhs
CollegeFees per year
Government Dental CollegeRs 1,14,500
Modern Dental College, Indore.Rs 4,95,000
Index Dental College, Indore.Rs 5,40,000
RKDF Dental College, Bhopal.Rs 538,700
Rishiraj Dental College, Bhopal.Rs 550,000
Hitkarini Dental College, Jasalpur.Rs 495,500
Sir Aurbindo Institute of Dental Sciences.Rs 510,000
People's Dental Academy, Bhopal.Rs 602,000
People's College of Dental Science, Bhopal.Rs 602,000
Manasarovar Dental College, Bhopal.Rs 495,000
Bhabha Dental College, Bhopal.Rs 506,000
College of Dental Sciences, Bhopal.Rs 615,000
Maharana Pratap Dental College, Gwalior.Rs 440,000

MDS Average fees

College NameSQ_FEESM_N- Q_FEES
Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai94,500/-N/A
Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Aurangabad94,500/-N/A
Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai94,500/-N/A
Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Nagpur94,500/-N/A
Armed Forces Medical College, Pune94,500/-N/A
Annasaheb Chudaman Patil Memorial Dental College, Dhule2,72,728/-8,18,184/-
Aditya Dental College, Beed4,62,443/-1,387,329/-
Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College &
Hospital, Navi Mumbai
Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, PuneN/A13,60,000/-
Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, SangliN/A13,60,000/-
Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj Shikshan Sanstha’s Dental College & Hospital, Aurangabad3,13,636/-9,40,908/-
D.Y. Patil Dental School, PuneN/AN/A
Dr. D.Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital, PuneN/A17,00,000/-
Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil Dental College & Hospital, Navi MumbaiN/A19,00,000/-
Dr. Hedgewar Smruti Rugna Seva Mandals Dental College & Hospital, Hingoli5,06,087/-15,18,261/-
Dr. Rajesh Ramdasji Kambe Dental College & Hospital, Akola2,95,475/-8,86,425/-
Late Shri Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Medical & Rural Development Foundation’s Dental College & Hospital,
M.A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences & Research Centre, Pune4,09,091/-12,27,273/-
Maharashtra Institute of Dental Sciences & Research (Dental College), Latur2,71,492/-8,14,476/-
Mahatma Gandhi Missions Dental College & Hospital, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai2,60,869/-7,82,607/-
Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Mandir’s Dental College & Hospital, Nashik2,96,956/-8,90,868/-
Nanded Rural Dental College & Research Center, NandedN/AN/A
Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Dental College, Solapur2,72,727/-8,18,181/-
Rural Dental College, LoniN/A11,00,000/-
S.M.B.T. Dental College & Hospital, Amrutnagar5,92,760/-17,78,280/-
Saraswati Danwantri Dental College &
Hospital, Parbhani
School of Dental Sciences, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, KaradN/A11,00,000/-
Sharad Pawar Dental College & Hospital, WardhaN/A9,20,000/-
Sinhgad Dental College & Hospital, Pune3,98,261/-11,94,783/-
SMBT Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Nandihills, Nashik5,92,760/-17,78,280/-
Swargiya Dadasaheb Kalmegh Smruti Dental College & Hospital, Nagpur3,21,739/-9,65,217/-
Tatyasaheb Kore Dental College & Research
Centre, New Pargaon
Terna Dental College & Hospital, Navi Mumbai2,71,493/-8,14,479/-
Vasantdada Patil Dental College and Hospital, Sangli5,89,091/-17,67,273/-
Vidarbha Youth Welfare Society’s Dental College & Hospital, Amravati3,88,181/-11,64,543/-
VSPM’s Dental College & Research Centre,
Yerala Medical Trust & Research Centre’s Dental College & Hospital, Navi Mumbai2,71,493/-8,14,479/-
Yogita Dental College & Hospital, Ratnagiri3,73,304/-11,19,912/-
CollegeOral SurgeryOral MedicinePeriodonticsOrthodonticsPaedodonticsConservative DentistryProsthodonticsOral PathologyPublic Health Dentistry
Institute of Dental Sciences, Bhubaneswar.Rs.12 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.Rs.12 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.Rs.12 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.
Hi-Tech Dental College, Bhubaneswar.Rs.6 lakhs.NANARs.6 lakhs.NARs.6 lakhs.Rs.6 lakhs.NANA
Kalinga Institute of Dental sciences, Bhubaneswar.Rs.12 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.Rs.12 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.Rs.10 lakhs.
SCB Dental College, Cuttak.Rs.58,000.Rs.58,000.Rs.58,000.Rs.58,000.Rs.58,000.Rs.58,000.Rs.58,000.Rs.58,000.Rs.58,000.
College NameFees per year all branches
Adesh Institute of Dental Sciences & Research, Bathinda.Rs.5.85 Lakhs
Baba Jaswant Singh Dental College Hospital & Research Institute, LudhianaRs.5.85 Lakhs
Christian Dental College, LudhianaRs.1.25 lakhs
Govt. Dental College & Hospital, PatialaRs.1.25 lakhs
Guru Nanak Dev Dental College & Research Institute, SunamRs.5.85 Lakhs
Luxmi Bai Institute of Dental Sciences & Hospital, PatialaRs.5.85 Lakhs
National Dental College & Hospital, GulabgarhRs.5.85 Lakhs
Desh Bhagat Dental College & Hospital, Mandi GobindgarhRs.5.85 Lakhs
Gian Sagar Dental College & HospitalRs.5.85 Lakhs
Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Dental Sciences & Research, AmritsarRs.5.85 Lakhs
Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha Dental College & Hospital, LudhianaRs.5.85 Lakhs
Rayat Bahra Dental College, MohaliRs.5.85 Lakhs
Pb. Govt. Dental College & Hospital, AmritsarRs.1.25 lakhs
Sukhmani Dental College & Hospital, DerabassiRs.5.85 Lakhs
Genesis Institute of Dental Sciences & Research, FerozepurRs.5.85 Lakhs
Dasmesh Institute of Research & Dental Sciences, FaridkotRs.5.85 Lakhs
CollegeOral SurgeryOral MedicinePeriodonticsOrthodonticsPaedodonticsConservative DentistryProsthodonticsOral PathologyPublic Health Dentistry
Govt Dental College and hospital, Raipur.Rs 40,000NARs 40,000Rs 40,000Rs 40,000Rs 40,000Rs 40,000Rs 40,000NA
Pacific Dental College, Udaipur.10,00,0002,00,0004,00,0008,00,0005,00,0008,50,0007,00,0002,00,0002,00,000
Geethanjali Dental College, Udaipur.12,00,000NANA9,00,000NA10,00,0008,00,000NANA
Pacific Dental College, Udaipur.10,50,0003,00,0005,00,0009,00,0006,00,0009,50,0007,00,0002,00,0003,00,000
Surender Dental College, Surendernagar6,50,000Rs.3 lakhs4,00,0006,50,0004,00,0006,50,0006,50,0002,50,0002,50,000
Darshan Dental College, Udaipur.6,50,0004,00,0005,00,0006,50,0006,50,0006,50,0006,50,000NA4,00,000
NIMS Dental College, Jaipur.5,50,000NA4,00,0005,50,0004,00,0005,50,0005,50,000NANA
Mahatma Gandhi Dental College, Jaipur.7,00,0003,00,0005,00,0007,00,0006,00,0007,00,0007,00,000NANA
Rajasthan Dental College, Jaipur.6,50,0004,00,0005,00,0006,50,0005,50,0006,50,0006,50,0003,00,0004,00,000
Daswani Dental College, Kota.6,50,0004,00,0005,00,0006,50,0005,50,0006,50,0006,50,0003,00,000NA
MGS Dental College, Sri Ganganagar.6,50,000NA4,00,0006,50,0004,00,0006,50,0005,00,0002,50,000NA
Jaipur Dental College, Jaipur.7,50,0003,50,0005,00,0008,50,0005,00,0008,50,0007,00,0002,50,0002,50,000
Vyas Dental College, Jodhpur6,50,0004,00,0005,00,0006,50,0005,00,0006,50,0006,50,000NA4,00,000
COLLEGE / BRANCHOral SurgeryEndodonticsOrthodonticsProsthodonticsPedodonticsPeriodonticsOral MedicineOral PathologyPublic Health
Government Dental College And Hospital, Cuddalore30,000/- 30,000/- 30,000/- 30,000/- 30,000/- 30,000/- N/AN/AN/A
Tamil Nadu Government Dental College And Hospital, Chennai30,000/- 30,000/- 30,000/- 30,000/- N/A30,000/- 30,000/- 30,000/- 30,000/-
Government Dental College, PudukkottaiN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Adhiparasakthi Dental College & Hospital, Melmaruvathur9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- N/A3,50,000/- N/A
Best Dental Science College, Madurai9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- N/AN/A9,50,000/- 3,50,000/- 3,50,000/- 3,50,000/-
Ragas Dental College And Hospital, Chennai8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-3,25,000/-3,25,000/-3,25,000/-
Rajas Dental College & Hospital, Tirunelveli8,50,000/-8,50,000/-N/A8,50,000/-N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Vivekanandha Dental College For Women, ElayampalayamN/A9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 3,50,000/- 3,50,000/- 3,50,000/-
Madha Dental College & Hospital, Kundrathur8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-3,25,000/-3,25,000/-3,25,000/-
Chettinad Dental College & Research Institute, Kancheepuram9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 3,50,000/- 3,50,000/- 3,50,000/-
Karpaga Vinayaga Institute Of Dental Sciences, Kanchipuram9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 3,50,000/- 3,50,000/- 3,50,000/-
JKK Natrajah Dental College & Hospital, KomarapalayamN/A8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-N/A8,50,000/-N/AN/AN/A
K.S.R. Institute Of Dental Science And Research, NamakkalN/A9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 3,50,000/- 3,50,000/- N/A
Sree Mookambika Institute Of Dental Sciences, Kulasekharam8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-N/A8,50,000/-3,25,000/-3,25,000/-N/A
Sri Ramakrishna Dental College & Hospital, Coimbatore9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- N/A9,50,000/- N/AN/AN/A
CSI College Of Dental Sciences & Research, Madurai8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-8,50,000/-N/A8,50,000/-N/A3,25,000/-N/A
Sri Venkateswara Dental College & Hospital,Thalambur, ChennaiN/A9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Tagore Dental College & Hospital, Chennai9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
R.V.S. Dental College & Hospital, Sulur9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- N/AN/AN/A
Priyadharshini Dental College & Hospital, Thiruvallur9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- 9,50,000/- N/AN/AN/A
Sathyabama Univ. Dental College and Hospital, ChennaiN/A12,00,000/-12,00,000/-N/A12,00,000/-N/AN/AN/AN/A
Saveetha Dental College, Chennai16,50,000/-16,50,000/-16,50,000/-16,50,000/-15,50,000/-12,00,000/-8,00,000/-3,00,000/-5,00,000/-
Sri Ramachandra Dental College And Hospital, Chennai11,50,000/-11,50,000/-11,50,000/-11,50,000/-11,50,000/-9,00,000/-6,50,000/-5,00,000/-5,00,000/-
Meenakshi Ammal Dental College And Hospital, Chennai15,00,000/- 15,00,000/- 15,00,000/- 15,00,000/- 11,00,000/- 10,50,000/- 5,50,000/- 3,00,000/- 5,50,000/-
Srm Dental College, Chennai14,00,000/-14,00,000/-14,00,000/-11,00,000/-12,00,000/-9,00,000/-5,00,000/-3,50,000/-6,00,000/-
SRM Katt. Dental College and Hospital, Kanchipuram 14,00,000/-14,00,000/-14,00,000/-11,00,000/-12,00,000/-9,00,000/-N/AN/AN/A
Vinayaka Mission's Sankarachariyar Dental College, Salem14,00,000/-14,00,000/-11,00,000/-10,00,000/-9,00,000/-7,00,000/-5,50,000/-4,00,000/-N/A
Sree Balaji Dental College And Hospital, Chennai12,50,000/-13,50,000/-13,50,000/-11,50,000/-11,00,000/-8,50,000/-4,50,000/-3,00,000/-N/A
Thaimoogambigai Dental College and Hospital, Chennai15,00,000/-15,00,000/-15,00,000/-15,00,000/-15,00,000/-10,00,000/-8,00,000/-3,00,000/-N/A
Nandha Dental College and Hospital, ThottaniN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Asan Memorial Dental College & Hospital, KancheepuramN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Dental College, PerambalurN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

If you in depth information about MDS fees in UP, you must go through my detailed article about MDS fee structure in Uttar Pradesh.

College NameTuition Fees per year
Sardar Patel Dental CollegeRs.7,90,500
IDS Dental College, BareillyRs.8,06,400
Shree Bankey Bihar Dental College, HapurRs.8,59,700
Kalka Dental College, MeerutRs.5,90,000
Chandra Dental College, BarabankiRs.5,42,100
Dental College, AzamgarhRs.7,07,100
KD Dental College, MathuraRs.6,70,400
Inderprestha Dental College, GhaziabadRs.7,65,000
Rama Dental College, KanpurRs.8,03,300
ITS Dental College, Greater NoidaRs.8,16,000
ITS Dental College, GhaziabadRs.8,10,000
Subharti Dental College, MeerutRs.4,97,500
School of Dental Sciences, Greater Noida (Sharada)Rs.7,69,400
BBD Dental College, LucknowRs.7,26,900
Kothiwal Dental College, LucknowRs.6,72,300
IDST Dental College, ModinagarRs.7,67,600
DJ Dental College, ModinagarRs.8,25,000
Teerthanker Dental College, MoradabadRs.5,49,000
Career Dental College, LucknowRs.6 ,00,000
Saraswati Dental College, LucknowRs.6,00,000
Seema Dental College & Hospital, Rishikesh7,09,000/-7,09,000/-7,09,000/-7,09,000/-7,09,000/-N/A7,09,000/-7,09,000/-N/A
Uttaranchal Dental College & Medical Research Institute, Dehradun5,00,000/-7,09,000/-7,09,000/-4,00,000/-N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Narayan Swami Hospital and Dental College, DehradunN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
CollegeFee Structure
Dr.R.Ahmed Dental College and Hospital, Kolkata.Rs.18,659 per year.
Haldia institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Haldia.State Quota - Rs.3 lakhs.
Management Quota - Rs.9 lakhs.
Guru Nanak institute of Dental sciences and research, Panihati.State Quota - Rs.3 lakhs.
Management Quota - Rs.9 lakhs.

How I Filter and Recommend Colleges?

As I told you, I have been guiding students for the past 10 years, I filter colleges depending on different criteria.

The basic filtration is that the college must be affiliated with a reputed university and recognized by the Dental Council of India.

#1 Budget & Location: You Might be Surprised!

Yes, you might be surprised! There is no meaning in searching for a college that doesn’t fit my bank balance, right? So I filter the colleges for students depending on their budget and location preference.

Some students have very low fee affordability and want the best colleges in Karnataka, which costs more than 40 Lakhs. That is when I try to make them understand it is never possible and give them options depending on their budget.

# 2 Branch: Each college is known for a branch

There are more than 300 dental colleges in India, and all 9 branches won’t be the best in all the colleges. For example, college A might be best for Endodontics, and the Orthodontics department in the same college can be worse.

As per your branch preference, I will shortlist the colleges.

# Patient Exposure and Tech

The college must have a decent patient flow! Some colleges boast of having 800+ patients in a day – Those are marketing gimmicks in 99% of the cases.

The number of patients doesn’t matter – Student to patient ratio matters. Not UG students, PG students.

# Head of the Department – HOD

The college is ranked No.1, with thousands of patients each day and having the latest technology – but the HOD is not interested in teaching or is non-supportive.

All hard work is in vain, right?

How can I help you in Filtering the Colleges?

I have visited hundreds of dental colleges in India and know many students studying in different states of the country. I am in constant touch and have the latest updates about each college.

As I am completely updated about the colleges I recommend, I can give you proper information and reference for students in these colleges.

Note: I never recommend colleges that I haven’t visited or don’t know about. 😛

How can I help you with MDS admission at the lowest fee structure?

I will try to keep things short and clean.

#1 College Selection & Filtration within your budget

With all the experience and knowledge I have about each college I will shortlist and recommend the best colleges within your budget.

#2 Seat Booking Facility

I will help you in booking your MDS seat in the recommended college at discounted fees through my reference.

#3 Complete Counseling Support

Will provide you with complete personal premium support starting from seat booking till receiving the allotment letter from the state authority.

#4 Education Loan Assistance

Can arrange the supporting documents needed for applying for an educational loan.

#5 100% Seat Allotment Guarantee

I can guarantee you an MDS seat in your preferred department in the best college – taking your NEET score into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is NEET required for getting admission to MDS?

Yes, you must qualify for NEET to take MDS admission anywhere in India or abroad.

2. Do you charge any service charge?

Yes and No! Depends on the service I provide. If I am providing premium services which include documentation, filtering and much effort, then I will charge for the services.

3. If I need any support after admission, will you guide me?

Yes, to an extent, whatever we can do to support you will be done. We are known for the after support.

4. Can I pay the MDS fees in installment?

Yes and No! It depends on the college. Some colleges will allow you easy installment options and few won’t.

5. Can you help me in getting an educational loan?

Wrapping Up

I guess, I had cleared almost all the doubts about the MDS fee structure in private colleges to you. In case you have any queries regarding MDS admission feel free to contact me via call or WhatsApp at +91-8951242255.

You can also show your support or ask queries in the comments below and I will try my best to revert as soon as possible.

If you feel I tried clearing all your doubts about MDS fees, then please do share this content with people in need.

If you are interested in more information related to MDS admission, you can go through the following articles:

This article will be helpful for people searching for the cheapest private MDS college in India.

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  1. I wanted to know mds fee for all india quota student in pvt colleges
    And best pvt college with fee range 2 to 3 lacks per year.

    • Dear Lonare,

      It will be great if you could tell me which is your preferred branch for MDS, and is there any location preference etc. It will help me with filtering out colleges easily in your budget.

  2. I am planning for MDS in ortho. Last year also I appeared neet and scored 312. This year I am giving again. My estimated budget is 6 lac per year for ortho. Can you tell me where can I get ortho seat in 6 lakh per year fees in a good college?

    • Dear Pooja,

      If you are qualifying with more than 350 marks in NEET MDS then you can easily secure an MDS Orthodontics seat for Rs.6 lakhs per annum. Sure, I can share you the list of colleges which are good for Ortho in this budget. You can ping me on +919535726644.

    • Dear Mr.Nizar,

      I will be contacting you via e-mail or call, today itself regarding MDS admission at lowest fees for your daughter.

  3. Hello sir, my rank is 6528 please suggest me some colleges with fees upto 5 lakh/year my prefered branch is endo or prostho

    • Dear Harshita,

      Congrats for the rank!

      In five lakhs per annum for Endo there are no good colleges. If you could extend your fee budget to Rs.6 lakhs per year, I can do help you in good colleges for Endo at lowest fees.

  4. hi sir my rank is 15552 . can you suggest me a private college which is best for prosthodontics and cons .my budget is 6-10 lakhs per year

    • Dear Ruchika,

      First of all congrats on qualifying NEET MDS exam.

      Can you please please in which state are you looking for MDS with 6-10 lakhs fees per year? So that I can filter out colleges accordingly. I am also sending a mail regarding this.

  5. Hello sir I am keerthana .My rank is 2066 .My preference is for ortho.Can u suggest a good clg with a budget of 5 lakh per yr ? I am in chennai but any state is okay

    • Dear Keerthana,

      Congrats for getting a good rank in NEET MDS 2024.

      You can easily get MDS admission in Ortho for fees starting from Rs.5.85 lakhs in a good college. I am sending you detailed information via email.

    • Dear Navya,

      Sure, I will surely guide you through the complete procedure. I will send you details via email and co-ordinate with you. Thank you!

  6. Hi doctor,

    I’m anupa , I’ve scored 340 marks in neet mds 2024 . Unfortunately did not get into govt even after repeating for 3 years . I’m very much into omfs . Is there any chance that I can get an omfs seat BTW a budget of Rs.5 to 7 lakhs in any of the colleges in india ?

    • Dear Anupa,

      Yes, you can get into OMFS in a fees ranging from 7 lakhs per year. I am forwarding the details to your email and you can go through the same.

  7. Hi sir,
    I want to pursue MDS in orthodontics and I have secured a rank of 6 k in NEER MDS 2024.Can you suggest me some colleges offering the course at rs 4-5 lakhs per year?

    • Dear Usha,

      Yes you can secure an MDS seat for Orthodontics in your rank, if you could spend around Rs.5.85 lakhs per annum. I am sending you the details via email too.

  8. Hello sir, i want to do mds in endo branch. My rank is 10538. Can you please tell me which clg can i get ? My budget is 5 -6 lkhs/yr. Preference -maharashtra but other from that can also help. Please help

    • Dear Kajal,

      In Maharashtra it is not possible for you to get MDS in Endo at this budget for your Rank. You have to go for other states and also extend your budget to 7 lakhs per annum if you are looking for a good college.

    • Dear Simran,

      It will be difficult to get a good college for Rs.8 lakhs per annum for Oral Surgery with your NEET Rank. Either you have to stretch your budget or change your department preference.

  9. Hi,
    i want to do mds in endodontics. My rank is 6015 and my mark is 389 in NEET 2024. My budget is 5 -6 lkhs/yr. can you suggest some good colleges in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

    • Dear Thalisma,

      I can guide you securing a MDS seat in Endodontics at a fees ranging from Rs.6 lakhs – but not in TN and Karnataka. You must be ready to explore more locations. I am mailing you the details regarding the same.

    • Dear Sneha,

      Can you please give me more details like your domicile state, location preference etc? I have sent you a mail regarding this.

  10. sir i have a 274 score and my AIR is 13097. i m belong from obc caste can i get seat in periodontics in all india quota and which college is best for this score. my budget ranges from 7L-10L.pls suggest me good colleges

    • Dear Riddhi,

      Yes, you can secure a MDS fees at a fee structure ranging from Rs.7 lahs to Rs.10 lakhs per year in a reputed dental college for perio. I am sending you a mail and I will include all the information in that email.


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