MDS Fees in Private Colleges in Karnataka

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In this article, I will be giving you a complete idea about MDS fees in private colleges in Karnataka.

If you are looking for general information about fees in India, then you can go through my detailed article about the MDS fee structure in private colleges in India.

Apart from fees, I will be covering a few things in this article and you can navigate the article accordingly using the table of contents given below.

MDS Fee Private College Fees in Karnataka

Before I provide you with the fee structure for private dental colleges in Karnataka, I want you to know about the different types of Quotas and fee structures available in Karnataka.

Basics You Must Know

  • You must quality NEET-MDS to secure a seat in any dental college in India.
  • You must attend the counseling conducted by KEA or MCC to get into any private dental college in Karnataka.
  • There is nothing called direct admission without attending the counseling.

Types of Quotas You Must Know

There are a lot of quotas and you must know about a few of them where the fees vary. They are:

  • G Quota – Government Quota.
  • P Quota – Private Quota.
  • Management Quota.
  • NRI Quota.

There are a few other quotas, but these are the major ones for which you must know, as there is a fee structure change.

G Quota: The approximate fees for G quota will be around Rs.3,75,000.

P quota: The approximate P quota fees will be around Rs.6,78,000.

Mostly the MDS management seat and NRI seat fees will same. And it will cost you around Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.19 lakhs per annum depending on each college and department you are choosing.

Official Fees by KEA for MDS

How you can secure an MDS seat at a lower fee in Karnataka?

There are only two options to get MDS admission at low fees in Karnataka, they are:

  • Through G-Quota or P Quota – for which rank must be good enough to outrank others.
  • Wait for vacant seats which will be converted to management quota.

I will explain the second scenario, think even after the MOP-UP round of counseling, seats are vacant, and the college management can give to any qualified candidate who has registered in the KEA counseling.

At that time, depending on the demand of the department and college, you can try to negotiate with the college management to secure the seat.

Now you might be thinking, how you could do that.

You can either contact the management directly, which the college won’t be ready to negotiate much. Either you can contact a consultant, or you can take my service in which I will be helping you out in securing an MDS seat in Karnataka.

You must be thinking, why you must go for my service, right?

No problem, I will just explain to you why mine is the best career counseling service for dental courses in India – in the next section.

If you want more information about admission then go through my article about MDS admission in Karnataka.

Why My Services?

There are many reasons you must choose our service and why we boast we are the best career counseling team in the field of dentistry.

Only One in the Country

We are the one and only educational consultancy that focuses only on courses related to dentistry and has a special wing for the same.

Updated Information about the College and Department

We have been guiding students for more than 12 years and we are very well-updated about each department and most of the private dental colleges in India.

For example: There might be a well-known college, but it might not be good for a specific department or the faculty might not be the best, etc.

How will you come to know about all this information? We are in good contact with a community of dentists and we are really updated about most of the colleges and departments.

This helps us providing you well researched information about each college and the department and placing you there.

Team of Dentists

We have a very professional team of young and experienced dentists who work in our team and can guide you better than any other counselor.

100% Transparency

Let it be documentation, financial transactions, or anything else, everything will be 100% transparent and neatly documented.

100% Support

We will guide you starting from choosing the department, and college and till allotment of the seat in your dream college.

DentalFry Xclusive Benefits

For any services, products, or courses we launch, we will be providing an exclusive discount to all our candidates.

Let us take a scenario, where you are not interested in my services. But still, I want to guide you in choosing a dental college. You can go through the next section.

How to Choose a College with Low Fees?

I have seen many students who are only attracted to the low fee structure. But, just think this degree will be your bread and butter for the coming years.

You have to learn and earn with that and never compromise too much in this.

So I would like you to know, a few tips you must keep in your mind while choosing a college for MDS admission.

Affiliation & Track Record

The college must be affiliated with a reputed university and recognized by the Dental Council of India. There are colleges that are affiliated with universities, which don’t conduct their exams on time and the course of 3 years takes around 4 years.


I am not talking about thousands of patients. A decent dental college means, they will have 150-250 patients per day. And the student-to-patient ratio must be better.

There are colleges that have 250 patients, but the number of students in each batch will be 8. That means there are 24 PGs in that department and there are very less chances for you to get special cases and patients with an OPD of 250 per day.

I think you got the point! You must clearly enquire about it.

Infrastructure and Technology

I am not talking about fancy buildings, sports complexes, and fully air-conditioned colleges. The college must have all the necessary equipment and materials to fulfill the student’s needs.

The college must also be updated with the latest technologies which are coming in the field of dentistry.

Especially for departments like orthodontics and all as there are many updations being introduced in the treatment techniques.

Teaching and Faculties

You have the patients and the infrastructure to treat them, but no one to guide you. There are many colleges that boast about having faculties passed out from AIIMS, KGMC, etc. But they might not be good at teaching.

Choose colleges that are ready to teach you and upskill the students.

TORCHER – Management and Faculty

Choose a college wisely…

There are colleges that are well known due to their marketing and branding strategies. But, once you pay the fees and join the college, they might show their true colors.

And there are faculties who are purely interested in irritating the students rather than teaching.

I know you might feel this to be very silly, but you have done your BDS, you know the truth. 😛


This completely depends on your financial background. Go for colleges in which you feel the ROI or Return on Investment will be good.


There are parents who are a bit concerned about the location, especially parents of female students.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the few questions that students generally call and ask me. So it will be helpful for you to go through this section, which will clear all your general doubts.

Can I get MDS admission without NEET in Karnataka?

No, you cannot take MDS admission anywhere in India without qualifying NEET-MDS exam.

Can I get MDS admission without attending the counseling?

No, you must attend the counseling for taking admission to any college in India. If you want to take admission to a deemed dental college then you must attend MCC counseling. If you want to join a private college, then you must attend the KEA counseling.

Can I book an MDS seat?

Yes, you can book an MDS seat depending on colleges and departments.

Can I get an installment facility for paying fees?

Yes, 99% of the colleges will be providing you with easy installment facility.

Is there any donation I have to pay to get an MDS seat?

No, you don't have to pay any donation or capitation fees.

I want to apply for an educational loan, how can I process it?

If you avail for my service, I can provide you with the required documents from the college and university.

How much are your service charge?

In most of the cases, I don't charge anything from the candidate. In a few cases, I will be charging a fee depending on the work I have to do.


In this article, I tried my best to provide all the information regarding, the MDS fee structure in private colleges in Karnataka.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact me via call or WhatsApp at +91-9535726644.

All the information I have provided here is from my experience in the field of career counseling for the past 12 years. If you feel this article is worth sharing with people in need, then please do share it with your friends.

You can also show your support by commenting below and I will revert back to your questions as soon as possible.

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