BDS Admission in Ghaziabad 2024 – At Lowest Fee Structure

Hola everyone! Are you a dental aspirant? Then, which will be the best place to pursue your dental education? Well, I understand that choosing a dental college can sometimes be confusing and mentally exhausting. So, I am sharing information regarding one of the most preferred cities for dental education, Ghaziabad!

The district of Ghaziabad is located in Uttar Pradesh and is a part of India’s National Capital Region (NCR). This is due to its proximity to Delhi, the capital of India. The city also shares borders with some central districts of UP and is well-connected to them by all means of transportation.

Ghaziabad has emerged as a popular hub for dental education, attracting aspiring dentists from across the country. This is because the city boasts a cluster of famous and well-reputed dental colleges in the state. Today, with increasing awareness about oral hygiene, these dental colleges have also mastered the art of education and the quality of dental treatment. 

Here, I will share the complete guidance about the BDS admission in Ghaziabad. You can also learn about the admission process, BDS course, BDS colleges, total seats, fee structure, and a few other tips on how and why to choose BDS in Ghaziabad. So, let’s get into the details!

The Dental Council of India issued a new regulation in 2007 stating that NAAC is mandatory for all dental colleges. However, less than 10% of colleges applied for it. 

After repeated warnings from the DCI, many colleges ignored the notification. Later, in 2020 and 2021, the DCI clarified that if any college is not NAAC accredited, they might face severe actions in the future. I am attaching the notification below.

I highly recommend you join NAAC-accredited dental colleges to keep your future safe and risk-free.

BDS course- An Overview

Dentists must pursue an undergraduate course to be recognized as one! So, this UG program is often referred to as BDS, i.e., Bachelor of Dental Surgery. This professional course typically lasts five years, including one year of internships. 

The academic curriculum of BDS covers a wide range of subjects related to medicine and dentistry. It also includes practical training for each subject. 

So, how can you join this course? To be eligible to join BDS, you must first complete your 10+2 education with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as mandatory subjects. Additionally, qualifying for the NEET UG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is compulsory to secure BDS admission. Also, your age must be equal to or above 17 at admission. 

Since you must be curious about the admission process to join the BDS course, the next section will clear the air for you!

BDS Admission in Ghaziabad

The BDS admission process in dental colleges in Ghaziabad is conducted through UG-NEET counselling. Currently, all the dental colleges in Ghaziabad are affiliated with the Atal Bihari Vajpayee University of Lucknow, except the deemed universities of the region. The Directorate General of Medical Education of Uttar Pradesh (UPDGME) conducts the UG-NEET state counselling to enrol BDS students in these colleges. 

However, in the case of deemed dental colleges, the MCCI conducts the BDS admission process through the All-India NEET UG counselling.

So, to enrol in the BDS course in one of the dental institutes in Ghaziabad, you must learn how to participate in the NEET UG state counselling in Uttar Pradesh. The steps are listed here!

  • Applicant Registration.
  • Registration Fee Payment.
  • Security Deposit Payment.
  • Release of Merit List.
  • Choice filling. 
  • Choice locking.
  • Result Announcement.
  • Release of Allotment Letter.
  • Reporting and Verification.

Applicant Registration 

Applicant registration—this word must be familiar to you! After all, to apply for a course, we must register for it first. Similarly, you must first register for the Uttar Pradesh NEET UG counselling for admission into the BDS course.  

Since the complete process is conducted online, it begins with the online registration of the applicants on the UP-DGME website (

This involves filling in your details related to your personal identification, communication details, category, caste information, 12th school and exam details, and your NEET exam details. Additionally, it includes uploading copies of a few documents, such as past school mark sheets, category/caste certificates, etc., for online verification.

You must know that the counselling authorities will verify all the filled information. Also, improper documents have been rejected in past counselings. So, upload only neat and correctly oriented documents. I suggest you complete your online registration patiently to prevent any future risks!

Registration Fees Payment

Your online registration will only be complete with the payment of a registration fee. A registration fee of Rs. 2,000/- must be paid online to the UP-DGME. 

The fee payment receipt is a crucial document, so it is a reminder to save it carefully!

Security Deposit Payment

You must pay a refund of Rs. 1,00,000/- lakh to the UP-DGME as a counselling security fee to participate in the choice-filling round. This is mandatory for all registered students willing to complete the BDS admission process. 

Remember to download copies of the fee payment receipt and your online application form; you will need them to complete the admissions process. 

Release of Merit List

After the registration round, the UP-DGME will release the combined state merit list for Uttar Pradesh. Based on their online verification, the merit list will have the names and state rank of the students who are eligible for option entry.  

Choice filling 

The most crucial round of your admissions process is choice-filling. During this round, you can choose the BDS institutes; your allotment depends on it. 

I suggest you learn about all the dental colleges you are attracted to before you make your choices. This will prevent any unfavourable or unexpected allotments for you! 

Choice locking

Your filled choices must be locked within the period the DGME announces. You must lock the options before the choice-filling process is complete. So, make sure you do that!

Result Announcement

The UP-DGME will process the results based on the NEET rank and filled choices. If you get an allotment at one of the chosen dental colleges in Ghaziabad, you will receive your allotment letter from the UP-DGME. 

When you reach this step, you are just a step away from your BDS college!

Release of Allotment Letter

As I said, the UP-DGME will issue the allotment letter to the allotted students, so you must download this immediately when you receive it! 

Reporting and Verification

The reporting and verification round is the last and most crucial step to complete your BDS admission process in Ghaziabad.

To verify eligibility, you must physically appear before the designated authorities with all your original documents.

Finally, once document verification is complete, your BDS admission to the allotted college is confirmed!

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BDS Total Seats and Fees in Ghaziabad

There are 24 dental colleges in Uttar Pradesh, including government and private institutes. Out of these, six dental colleges are established in different towns across the Ghaziabad district. I have added the complete details of dental colleges, total BDS seats, and the annual tuition fees below.

BDS Seats and Fees in Ghaziabad
CollegeBDS seatsFee Structure
ITS Center For Dental Studies and Research, Ghaziabad1003,50,000/-
D.J. College Of Dental Sciences, Ghaziabad1002,75,000/-
Inderprastha Dental College & Hospital, Ghaziabad1002,60,000/-
Shri Bankey Bihari Dental College, Ghaziabad1002,50,000/-
Institute of Dental Studies and Technologies, Ghaziabad1001,50,000/-
Santosh Dental College, Santosh Deemed University, Ghaziabad1002,50,000/-

Hostel Fees for BDS in Ghaziabad

If you are from another state or a distant college location, a hostel is a great alternative to stay during your studies. All the above-mentioned dental colleges have hostel facilities within the same premises. Depending on the room type and amenities, the annual hostel and food charges might be around 75,000/- to 1,00,000/- during your BDS study in Ghaziabad.

If you are looking for the official fee structure of all the dental colleges in UP, then you can read my my article about BDS course fees in UP.

BDS Scholarship Fees in Ghaziabad

I have observed that colleges also provide scholarships on fees to some deserving students. Since I have been guiding dental students for BDS admission in most of these colleges, we have helped all our students benefit from such scholarships for their BDS courses. 

There is a considerable chance that even you might get a good scholarship on your total tuition fees if you pursue BDS in Ghaziabad!

If you need information about scholarship fees, then you can read my detailed article about BDS private college fees in India.

Choosing the BDS College in Ghaziabad- Tips

I know that making up your mind for your undergraduate college is difficult! Unless you gather some tips that will help you choose one! So, dentistry involves treating patients with diseases in the head and neck region. I have also experienced that the more you practice, the more you learn in this field. So, to accomplish that, you need a good number of patients. Hence, you must know the daily patient flow at the dental college!

Apart from this, the college’s infrastructure, which includes well-equipped lecture halls, a general hospital, practical laboratories, dental clinics and equipment, a library, etc., are some factors you should consider.  

The Dental Council of India must recognize the college you choose in Ghaziabad for BDS. It must be affiliated with a reputed university like Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical University (ABVMU) in Lucknow. 

The academics at a dental college control many other factors. So, you must know what is taught during the BDS course at the particular institute. Compare with others and evaluate your decision!


How can I get BDS admission in Ghaziabad?

You must qualify for the NEET UG exam and participate in the Uttar Pradesh state counseling conducted by the UP-DGME, to get BDS admission in Ghaziabad. However, for a deemed dental college in Ghaziabad, you must participate in the All-India MCC counseling.

Can we join BDS without NEET in Ghaziabad?

No, NEET qualification is mandatory for you to join BDS in India, even in Ghaziabad.

How many BDS colleges are there in Ghaziabad?

There are six dental colleges available in Ghaziabad, out of which five are private and one is deemed.

What is the average total cost for BDS in Ghaziabad?

The average total cost for BDS in Ghaziabad can range from Rs.8,00,000/- to Rs.22,00,000/- lakhs for four years. This is based on the type of college you choose for BDS.

How many total BDS seats are there in Ghaziabad?

The six dental colleges in Ghaziabad, each with a 100 intake capacity per year for BDS. Hence, there are 600 BDS total seats in dental colleges in Ghaziabad.

Is the quality of BDS in Uttar Pradesh good?

Yes, the quality of most dental colleges in Ghaziabad is good in terms of academics and infrastructure. However, you should evaluate every college you are interested in before your bDS admission.

Why BDS in Ghaziabad? – The Conclusion 

So, why should you pursue BDS in Ghaziabad? Here are some reasons that might benefit you to study BDS in Ghaziabad. 

I have visited all these dental colleges in Ghaziabad and have observed that most of these colleges have good education quality, decent infrastructure, and moderate to best facilities. The fee structure is quite reasonable here for a professional course like BDS. Finding a dental college that matches your budget preferences is easier here!

Finally, since Ghaziabad is located in the Delhi NCR region, most colleges are within 20 km to 50 km of Delhi. Well-paved roads and easy transportation make these colleges easily accessible for students.

I will still recommend you all do your research about dental colleges and admission to BDS in Ghaziabad. This is suggested for your satisfaction before choosing the place where you have to live for five years! 

I hope you know the admission process, dental colleges, seats, and fee structure of BDS in Ghaziabad. However, if you want to learn more about the BDS-related information in Ghaziabad, we will be happy to clear your doubts. So, reach out to us whenever you feel the need!

You can also comment your queries below and I will try my best to revert back as soon as possible.

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