MDS Fees Structure in UP Private Colleges – by UPDGME

Each year thousands of students contact me for MDS admission in different parts of the country. However, most of them are concerned about the fee structure of the colleges. In this article, I will be giving you a complete insight into the MDS fee structure in UP.

I will be writing the article in two sections, one with the fee structure fixed by the UPDGME and colleges and the other with the special fee structure which I can provide you with.

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MDS Fees Structure UP – DGME

The fees fixed by the UPDGME are given below. Few of the colleges given below, which come under the minority quota, will have a different fee structure for different departments.

College NameTuition Fees per year
Sardar Patel Dental CollegeRs.7,90,500
IDS Dental College, BareillyRs.8,06,400
Shree Bankey Bihar Dental College, HapurRs.8,59,700
Kalka Dental College, MeerutRs.5,90,000
Chandra Dental College, BarabankiRs.5,42,100
Dental College, AzamgarhRs.7,07,100
KD Dental College, MathuraRs.6,70,400
Inderprestha Dental College, GhaziabadRs.7,65,000
Rama Dental College, KanpurRs.8,03,300
ITS Dental College, Greater NoidaRs.8,16,000
ITS Dental College, GhaziabadRs.8,10,000
Subharti Dental College, MeerutRs.4,97,500
School of Dental Sciences, Greater Noida (Sharada)Rs.7,69,400
BBD Dental College, LucknowRs.7,26,900
Kothiwal Dental College, LucknowRs.6,72,300
IDST Dental College, ModinagarRs.7,67,600
DJ Dental College, ModinagarRs.8,25,000
Teerthanker Dental College, MoradabadRs.5,49,000
Career Dental College, LucknowRs.6 ,00,000
Saraswati Dental College, LucknowRs.6,00,000

Hostel and Other Extra Fees

Apart from the tuition fees, the UPDGME has permitted for the colleges to collect the following fees at maximum.

That means if the college wants, they can charge you a maximum of hostel fees of:

  • Non-AC Single Room – Rs.1.25 lakhs per year.
  • AC Single Roon – Rs.1.5 lakhs per year.
  • Non-AC Double Room – Rs.87,500 per year.
  • AC Double Room – Rs.1.05 lakhs per year.

The colleges can also collect a maximum security deposit of Rs.3 lakhs, which will be completely refundable.

The college is also permitted to charge a maximum of Rs.1 lakh per annum as a material charge or miscellaneous charge.

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I tried my best to include the MDS fee structure of all the private colleges in UP. I collected it from the official website of UP NEET Counseling.

If you are satisfied with the content, please share it with your friends and people in need. I had put in a lot of effort in collecting this information and organizing it.

You can ask your questions in the comment section below or you can contact me personally at +91-9535726644.

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