MDS Admission in Bangalore 2024

Hola everyone! ‘Bangalore’ is one of the oldest and biggest education hubs for dental education. The state capital of Karnataka attracts a huge community of MDS aspirants every year as it has a generous number of dental colleges. There are 16 dental colleges in Bangalore, of which 14 offer the MDS in a few or all dental branches. 

Every NEET MDS applicant at least once considers pursuing post-graduate studies in Karnataka while planning their admission, and Bangalore is the most wanted location. Soon, the admission and counselling process will begin after the NEET exam, and undoubtedly, a detailed review of the MDS admission process in Bangalore is a pressing priority.

This article is going to be lengthy as I have explained everything about MDS admission in Bangalore. You can use the table of contents below to navigate through this article.

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MDS Admission Process in Bangalore

The admission process for MDS in Bangalore is authorized by the Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA). They conduct online counselling through their official website, The counselling is usually designed to be completed in four rounds. However, in 2023, a few more rounds were conducted after the stray vacancy round.

Additionally, the conduct of subsequent rounds completely depends on the seat vacancies from previous rounds of counselling. 

So, qualifying for the NEET exam is mandatory if you want an MDS seat in Bangalore. Following this, you must step into Karnataka state counselling, which begins with online registration. The basic outline is accomplished in 12 steps, as mentioned below:

  1. Online Registration.
  2. Payment of registration fees.
  3. Document Verification.
  4. Publication of Merit List.
  5. Payment of the Security Deposit (if applicable).
  6. Option Entry.
  7. Mock Allotment.
  8. Option Entry Editing.
  9. Final Allotment.
  10. Admission confirmation and fee payment.
  11. Reporting to the Allotted College.
  12. Reporting to KEA.

Online Registration 

The registration process starts with filling in your credentials (name, birth date, email ID, phone number, address, parent details, etc.) and academic details (NEET details, past academic records of BDS, class 12th, etc.) on the official website of the KEA ( 

You should re-check all your information twice before the final submission since these details will no longer be editable later. 

Registration Fees 

Once you register your information correctly, the process is completed with the registration fee payment and a final declaration. 

The registration fees for MDS in Bangalore also vary between Karnataka and non-Karnataka candidates. 

The charges for students belonging to Karnataka are Rs.1000/- for the general category and Rs. 500/- for the reserved categories (SC/ST/CAT-1/PWBD) 

On the other hand, for the non–Karnataka students, the charges are 2000/- for the general category and Rs.5000/- for NRI/OCI/PIO/foreign nationals.

Once you complete this step, you have to submit a final declaration to download the KEA application form. 

The proof of registration fee receipt also has to be downloaded, and both these documents are 

Document Verification

Once registration is over, the KEA will release the schedule of events for document verification. 

In Bangalore, this step is conducted offline and before the option entry round, unlike other state counselling. 

You have to visit the KEA physically with all your original documents. These documents will be verified and have to be submitted to the designated authority. Once cleared, you will also be handed the verification slip. This verification slip is the most vital document during your next step, i.e., the option entry round.

Merit List

After the document verification, the KEA will release the MDS merit list of eligible applicants online before the option entry. 

Security Deposit

Until 2022, no security fees were required to participate in the option entry; however, the rule was changed in 2023. In 2023, KEA implemented the security fee payment before the option entry round. 

However, the refundable security deposit was applicable from the second round onwards, and Rs. 2,00,000/- lakh was charged. 

Option Entry 

The option entry round will be open to all eligible candidates, and you can also evaluate the seat matrix before entering your choices. The KEA publishes online information regarding seat availability and the fee structure before the option entry. 

Mock allotment 

This is a unique feature of KEA counselling. As the name suggests, mock allotment results are only provisional. 

The KEA releases the mock allotment results after completing the option entry round.

Option Entry Editing 

Yes! The KEA allows the editing of options for one to two days after the mock allotment. 

Since the mock allotment will give you an idea of your chances of getting a seat, you can edit your options accordingly before the final allotment and result.  

Final Allotment

The option entry round is packed up, and the final allotment result will be announced, which may be in sync with the mock results or slightly vary. 

The allotment is completed rank-based. However, the various divisions of seats influence the seat allotment process, which we will discuss in detail below. 

Admission Confirmation and Fee Payment

Once the results are out, you can accept the allotted institute or participate in the subsequent round of counselling.

A payment challan will be made available on your candidate profile. If you accept the results, you must complete the payment online or offline and keep a copy of the receipt. 

The KEA usually takes an hour or two to update the information on paid or received fees, so don’t panic! Once payment is reflected on your profile, you will be eligible to download your admission order. 

Reporting to Allotted College and KEA

Finally, the goal is reached! You must visit your allotted college on the reporting day with the admission order and fee receipt. 

Additionally, once college formalities are completed, you must also report your admission confirmation on the KEA website. 

And Voila! Your MDS admission process is complete!

A Caution for Rules

The KEA can bend the admission rules and regulations anytime they want. So, it is cautionary advice to keep a keen eye on counselling every year. 

In 2023, the sequence of events was slightly different in the subsequent rounds after the first counselling. So, the rules and regulations can vary every year, depending on the KEA authorities.

The procedure is the same for all the private dental colleges in Bangalore, which come under KEA. If you need more in-depth information, then you can read my blog about Karnataka NEET MDS Counselling.

MDS Eligibility Criteria in Bangalore

The eligibility criteria for MDS in Bangalore cannot be skipped when discussing the admission process.

Of course, completion of the BDS course and an internship with a recognized dental institute are the basic norms. 

Secondly, the NEET MDS exam has to be qualified with the minimum cut-off marks.

Total MDS Seats in Bangalore

There are 914 MDS seats as per the 2023 seat matrix, including all dental colleges in Karnataka. Out of that, the 14 dental colleges in Bangalore contribute 413 total MDS seats, including all specialties. 

These seats are divided into Government (G) seats, Private (P) seats, NRI (N) seats and Others (Q) seats.

All the other categories except the G-quota seats are open to everyone. Only students who are domiciled in Karnataka or have completed undergraduate studies in Karnataka can apply for seats in the G category. 

Likewise, the KEA also mandates a few special NRI documents for students applying for MDS admission in the NRI quota.

BranchG-quotaP-quotaN/Q quotaTotal 
Oral Maxillofacial surgery11201950
Oral Medicine and Radiology15170436
Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics19201655
Oral Pathology10160329
Public Health Dentistry11190333
Total Seats12918896413

Until 2022, the Q-quota, commonly known as the management and NRI seats, were segregated and displayed separately in the matrix. In 2023, a combined N-Q category was displayed in the matrix until the second round. This was again redeemed and shown as separate categories in the mop-up round. The counselling process can be tricky, and being prepared with the correct information before applying for counselling is necessary to avoid mistakes!

MDS Fee Structure in Bangalore

The MDS fee in Karnataka is different for each seat category. The lowest fees are offered for G seats, while the P seat fees are slightly higher than the former. Compared to the previous categories, the highest fees are levied for the Q and the NRI seats.

Like the MDS fees in Bangalore based on the seat category, it cannot be denied that the choice of branch also dictates the fee for any course. In Bangalore, the fees are also higher for clinical branches than for non-clinical subjects. The fees also depend on the type of institute to which you are allotted.  

Below is an overview of the fee range for clinical and non-clinical branches.

Non-Clinical Banches1,65,750/- to 2,65,750/-2,65,750/- to 6,81,434/-2,65,750/- to 6,81,434/-2,65,750/- to 6,81,434/-
Clinical Banches3,72,826/-6,81,434/- to 9,15,750/- to 18,15,750/9,15,750/- to 18,15,750/-

To be Noted- Extra Fees for MDS in Bangalore

Yes! The hidden charges, as we call them, are the miscellaneous fees charged in Bangalore for MDS courses. These charges include your university fee, exam fee, library fee, material charges, sports and co-curricular activities, etc. I have seen that an additional Rs.1,00,000/- to 1,25,000/- above the annual tuition fee is recommended. 

Another annual fee of Rs.1,00,000/- to 1,50,000/- for hostel and food charges should also be counted if you plan to stay in the college hostel or any paid facility at your convenience.

If you need in-depth information about fees, then you can go through my detailed article about the MDS fee structure in Bangalore. If you need a detailed fee structure of other colleges in Karnataka, then you can go through my post regarding MDS fees in Karnataka private colleges.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get hundreds of enquiries from students nationwide and would like to answer a few general questions. This might clear a few more doubts you have.

How can I get MDS admission in Bangalore?

You must participate in Karnataka state counselling conducted by the KEA to acquire an MDS admission in Bangalore. You have to register online on their official admissions website,

Can I get direct admission without attending the KEA counselling?

No, it is mandatory to attend the KEA counselling.

How many MDS seats are there in Bangalore?

There are 413 MDS seats in Bangalore. These seats are distributed between Government (129 G) seats, Private (188 P) seats, NRI (N) seats, and other seats (96 N-Q).

Can I apply for MDS admission through G-quota seats in Bangalore?

Yes, you can apply for MDS admission through G-quota seats in Bangalore if you are a student who bears Karnataka's domicile or have completed your undergraduate degree from the state.

Can I apply for MDS admission through P-quota seats in Bangalore?

Yes, you can apply for MDS admission through P-quota seats in Bangalore, as these seats include an open category of seats for everyone.

How can I apply for management seats for MDS admission in Bangalore?

NEET-qualified students can apply for MDS admission through Q-quota seats in Bangalore, as these seats are open to everyone.

Is everyone eligible for MDS admission through NRI seats in Bangalore?

Yes, NEET-qualified students can apply for MDS admission through NRI-quota seats in Bangalore. However, the applicant must furnish all the mandatory documents mentioned by KEA to be eligible for the NRI category.

Can I get an education loan for MDS admission in Bangalore?

Yes, you can apply and get an education loan to pursue an MDS course in Bangalore. Once your admission is confirmed, you can apply for the loan at your bank. The bank authorities will seek your admission letter and fee details for the course, which you can easily acquire from the college. The bank will sanction the loan based on the loan amount applied, your eligibility, and your available assets.


Bangalore has a commendable number of MDS seats. Additionally, the dental institutes in Bangalore have gained a substantial reputation over the years. 

Most colleges are old, have experienced faculties, and offer good academic facilities. Infrastructurally, they are also grand and well-established. Due to all these factors, thousands of MDS aspirants from all corners of the nation populate the city every year during admission. 

The competition is still tough, and the MDS admission process is complex. A devious plan can help you get an MDS seat in one of the good dental colleges in Bangalore. Finally, this blog’s information will allow you to carve your path through the MDS admission process in Bangalore!

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