Direct MDS Admission in Karnataka

You might know how hectic are the procedures for MDS admission in Karnataka through KEA.

Because of all these confusing procedures and documentation, I used to get thousands of emails and calls every year to give proper guidance.

So, I thought I would just give you a brief about the procedures, fee structure, and basic details.

Note: For taking MDS admission to any private college in Karnataka, it is compulsory to register for the KEA counseling. Let it be management, NRI, or any quota – registration is mandatory.

I just highlighted it because many students still think they can take direct MDS admission in Karnataka without attending or registering for counseling.

In case you feel the content is too long, just use the table of contents below to navigate the article.

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MDS Admission in Karnataka – Procedures

There are 3 types of dental colleges – Government, Private, and Deemed dental colleges.

So here I will be mentioning private colleges and deemed college admission procedures.

For taking admission to private colleges, you have to attend the counseling conducted by the Karnataka Examination Authority.

If you want to join any deemed dental college like Manipal Dental College, you have to attend the NEET MDS counseling conducted by MCC.

There are mainly 6 steps in counseling and they are:

  1. Registration.
  2. Document Verification.
  3. Round 1.
  4. Round 2.
  5. MOP-UP Round.
  6. Stray Vacancy Round.

Here I will explain each procedure separately and for better understanding please read it twice. ๐Ÿ˜€


For KEA registration there will be a registration charge of around Rs.2000 and for MCC around Rs.5,000. This varies each year!

While registering you have to submit all your details which you must crosscheck. You will also have to upload all the documents, signatures, thumb impressions, and photos.

For MCC, you have to pay a security deposit, which will be refunded after your counseling. In case, if you are allotted a seat in the second round and you choose to leave the option, then the security deposit will be forfeited.

Document Verification

In MCC counseling the document verification will be done online.

But, in KEA it will be mostly offline, which means, you have to be physically present at the verification center with all your documents. But last year it was online, so it depends completely on the KEA.

The list of documents to carry for the procedure, I will mention in the next section. After successful verification, you will be given a document verification slip.

Only after downloading the slip you can continue for the 1st round of counseling.

Round 1 of Counseling

With the registration and login details, you have to log in to the KEA portal and choose your option of department and college. After choosing the option, you have to lock the choices.

That’s what happens in the 1st round of counseling. If you have been allotted a seat, then it will shown during the result declaration date.

If not, you can attend the 2nd round of counseling.

Round 2 of Counseling – Same As Round 1

The procedure is the same as the first round of counseling. Login-> Choose Option > Lock the choice.

MOP-UP Round

This will be an offline round of counseling, where the leftover MDS seats are transferred to the MOP-UP round. When you physically appear there, KEA will provide you with the colleges and departments that are available in your rank. If you are interested you can take those seats.

Seats that are vacant even after the MOP-UP round are transferred to Stray Vacancy.

Stray Vacancy

These seats are vacant, you can take them directly from the management, and the seats are allotted to students by the college management.

Fee Structure

There are two types of fee structure, one is the fee structure decided by KEA and the other is the fees that we provide for seats that are vacant.

You can go through the KEA MDS fee structure if needed.

As you know the fee structure for each department and college varies, I will just give you a range of fee structures for each department.

  • Endo, Ortho, Surgery – It will cost you around Rs.12 lakhs to Rs.16 lakhs per annum.
  • Prostho – Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs per annum.
  • Pedodontics – Rs.6 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs per annum.
  • Perio – Rs.4 lakhs to Rs.7 lakhs per annum.
  • Non-clinicals – Rs.2.5 lakhs to Rs.4 lakhs per annum.

If you need in-depth details, you can go through my detailed article about the MDS fee structure in Karnataka.

If you are specifically looking for colleges in Bangalore, you also go through my article about MDS course fees in Bangalore.

MDS Direct Admission in Karnataka – Possible?

Many students ask me whether direct admission without registering for counseling and attending it is possible.

No! It is not possible. So, you might have heard people saying we can do direct admission and stuff right?

They just mean they will get you MDS admission during the stray vacancy from the management. Even for that, you have to register for the KEA counseling.

If you need MDS admission information in general, you can go through my detailed article about – MDS admission through management quota.

Documents Required

For registration and document verification, please keep these documents and their copies ready.

  1. NEET Score Card.
  2. NEET Admit Card.
  3. 10th Marks Card.
  4. 12th Marks Card.
  5. 4 years BDS marks card.
  6. Degree/Provisional Degree Certificate.
  7. Internship completion certificate.
  8. Dental Council Registration.
  9. Migration Certificate.
  10. Aadhar Card.
  11. Passport Size photos – 8 nos.
  12. NRI Ward Document, if applicable.
  13. Income certificate, if applicable.
  14. Caste Certificate, if applicable.

Keeping these things handy will make your process easy. Apart from these keep the following ready:

  • Scan of thumb impression.
  • Scan of your signature.
  • Scan your passport-size photo.

Please do keep in mind that many students are not able to secure an MDS seat in Karnataka because of the documentation error.

How I can Help You and Why Me?

I will keep things really straightforward and transparent.

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What is the KEA counseling fees for MDS?

The registration fees for KEA MDS is Rs.1000 only.

Can I take MDS admission without attending the counseling?

No, you cannot take MDS admission without attend or registering for the counseling.

I am not qualified for NEET, can I take NRI or Management quota seat?

No, if you are not qualified for MDS then you won’t be able to take any seat in India.

I want your service, what to do?

You can contact me personally on +91-8951242255 and I will guide you from there.

Is your service paid?

Its a FREEMIUM service. That means most of the cases it is a free service, but in some cases we will be charging a service fees.

Can we have a call on video call?

Yes, you can surely schedule a video by prior appointment.


Was the content helpful? Did it clear your doubts?

If so please do share it will your friends and people in need.

All the information provided is not from reference to any other website. Everything mentioned here is from my personal experience of more than 13 years in the field of MDS admission guidance service.

If you have any questions feel, free to contact me at +91-8951242255.

Or you can even comment your queries below and I will try my best to revert back as soon as possible.

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