BDS Private College Fees in UP – Low Fee in Best College

Checked with your NEET score? Have you qualified for NEET? Want to join the BDS course in UP? But don’t know which college to choose and what will be the fee structure.

This article will cover all your questions related to BDS course fees in UP’s private colleges. Yes!

But, this post might be a little long, as I wanted to clear all your doubts related to BDS course fees in UP, the procedures, and which colleges to go to.

I have also written a detailed article about the BDS course, which will clear most of your doubts regarding the scope, BDS salary, BDS course fees, subjects to study, etc.

A few years back, the Dental Council of India clarified that all private dental colleges must apply for NAAC accreditation. So that the quality of college academics and infrastructure will be good for students.

And only 25% of the colleges applied for NAAC. Never, ever opt for dental colleges that don’t have NAAC accreditation.

Attaching the screenshot of the warning from DCI. Or you can receive notifications by DCI below:
1. DCI 2007 Regulation.
2. DCI Notification Mandatory Dated October 2020.

BDS Private College Fees in UP

There are actually 27 dental colleges in Uttar Pradesh, out of which 23 dental colleges are private which is recognized by the dental council of India.

The fee structure for all the private will be different, and it is fixed by the college and UPDGME, keeping in mind different factors.

Short Answer:

There are dental colleges in Uttar Pradesh that will offer you BDS for fees ranging from Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.22 lakhs for the entire course.
You will be attracted to the low fees and be admitted to these colleges. But there is a problem with it. You must opt for NAAC-accredited dental colleges only if you don’t want to waste your time.

What is the Best Fee Structure I Can Offer You?

The best fee structure for a NAAC accredited dental college in UP with the basic facilities, I can provide it for Rs.11 Lakhs total package including hostel, food, and extra fees.

Note: I can promise you that the college will have all the facilities and infrastructure you need to complete BDS with excellent handwork.

First YearRs.2,75,000Hostel & Food Included
Second YearRs.2,75,000Hostel & Food Included
Third YearRs.2,75,000Hostel & Food Included
Fourth YearRs.2,75,000Hostel & Food Included

Now you will have having few questions in your mind about the fee structure I mentioned above, right? So I will answer a few frequently asked questions by students about the BDS course fee structure at UP.

Q1: Will the college be recognized by the Dental Council of India and affiliated with a reputed university?

A: Yes, the college will be recognized by the DCI and affiliated with Atal Bihari Medical University, Lucknow.

Q2: Can I pay the 9 lakhs fees in instalments?

A: Yes, you can pay the fees in instalments, and I can guide you on the procedures.

Q3: Will the college have a good patient flow?

A: 100%! We always keep in mind the student-patient ratio which is always needed for a good dental college.

Q4: What will be included in the Rs.9 lakhs package?

A: The Rs.9 lakh BDS course fees in UP include the tuition fee, hostel fees, and food expenses.

After going through the complete article, if you have any further queries, you can contact me at +91-8951242255.

Extra Fees Charged by any Dental College in UP

Almost all the colleges have an extra charge, and many colleges keep the charges hidden.

Just to give you an idea, the basic extra fees you have to see are:

  • Uniform and ID card fees.
  • Books and Dental materials – You can also buy them from outside stores.
  • University Examination fees – You have to pay before your university examination each year. This amount will be paid to the university by the college.

How to Choose a Dental College at UP?

Please go through these tips which will help you in choosing colleges perfectly.

NAAC Accreditation

The Dental Council of India has been giving warnings to private dental colleges to apply for NAAC and most of the colleges were ignoring the warning. As per DCI, NAAC accreditation will be compulsory for all the colleges in 1-2 years.

So please join private dental colleges that have NAAC accreditation only. Or else your future will be in danger.

Note: In Uttar Pradesh, there are only 5 private dental colleges that are NAAC accredited.

Patient Flow

The college must have a decent patient flow. What do you mean by a decent patient flow?

I meant that the number of patients to the number of students posted in each clinical department should be good. There is no meaning if a college has 100 patients for 500 students.

I had seen advertisements and pamphlets in the counselling centres by many institutions claiming that they have a patient of 500+ each day. These are really fake ones.

I guess there are 1 or 2 dental colleges in UP having a patient flow of more than 300 per day. In short, what I meant is if a college has a patient flow of 150 to 200, it is a decent college.


I have personally seen and know students who are studying at colleges where they don’t have full-time faculty. As a student and parent, it is nearly impossible to know whether a college has good faculty.

That is where educational consultancies come for help. You must only go to colleges that have full-time faculties.


Never fall for colleges having a very big campus and a football ground. That is just the first impression.

The infrastructure, I mean, is a college having necessities for improving the knowledge and skills of dental aspirants. Please do check whether the college has equipment like a CBCT, Microdontic Endoscopes, Stimulation Center, Tobacco Cessation Center, etc.


Many dental colleges in India have all the above-mentioned facilities, but I still don’t prefer these. The reason is that the college is not affiliated with a reputed University.

For example, there was a college in UP that was affiliated with Agra University, but the university conducted the exams very late. Due to this issue, many students passed the BDS course after 6 years or 7 years.

But now, all the dental colleges in Uttar Pradesh are affiliated with Atal Bihari Medical University, Lucknow. I mentioned this here because there are students who might be reading this article who are also interested in joining dental colleges in other states.


Many colleges are providing BDS courses in UP for very low fees. This is because the college is not able to fill up its seats with the government-decided fees.

To attract more students, they will reduce their fees to a very high extent. Never go for very cheap colleges, because they will also be providing very low-quality education too.

Very Low Fees = Very Low Income for College = Poor Quality of Education & Facilities

Location & Safety

If you are a student coming from another state to UP, you won’t have any idea how the area of the college is right? So before choosing a college, do very deep research about the college and its location.

You are going to build your career there, so you must definitely keep this in mind. 😀

How I can help you

Given all the tips and advice, you might be thinking about how I will be able to help you, right?

There are many ways I will be able to help you easily with the BDS Course at UP.

  • College Selection: It will be really hard for students to find in-depth information about every college at UP. Even if you are able to collect it, there is a limit to that. With more than 12 years of experience in the field of career counselling, I am always updated with the college and its happenings.
  • Budget Filteration: With the experience, I have in this industry, I will help you in choosing the best college within your budget, keeping in mind all the factors.
  • Counseling Procedure: Starting from booking the seat till the allotment of the seat, I will be there to guide you personally via Call and WhatsApp.
  • Loan Assistance: Do you want to apply for an educational loan? But confused about the documentation procedures? I will guide you with documentation until you apply for the loan.
  • 100% Transparency: I and our company always believe in a transparent relationship with the students and parents. That applies to both finance and procedures.
  • Exclusive Support: Even after admission, in case the student needs any support we will be there to give you complete assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About BDS Course Fees in UP

Can I get BDS admission in UP at low fees without NEET?

No, you must qualify NEET-UG entrance exam to take BDS admission in UP.

How many Govt BDS colleges are there in UP?

There are 4 Govt BDS colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

Which private college has the lowest fees in UP?

There are many dental colleges in UP providing low fees for BDS course in UP. It completely depends on the students requirement I can name any college.

Can I book the seats in private dental college?

Yes, you can book the seat for BDS course in UP by paying a booking amount to the college.

Can I get BDS admission in UP without attending the counseling?

No, you have to attend the counselling conducted by UPDGME to take BDS admission in UP.

Can I pay the fees in installment?

Yes, you can pay the tuition fees as installments.

I am interested in taking BDS admission through you, what is the procedure?

Great! You can contact me via call or Whatsapp on +91-8951242255 and I will explain you all the details.

You can also go through my detailed article about the BDS fee structure in different locations:

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