MDS Fee Structure in Deemed Universities with Admission Procedures

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In this post, I will be giving you a complete idea about the MDS fee structure in deemed universities. Apart from that, I will also explain the admission procedures, documentation, and more.

Recently, the deemed universities have gained momentum amid the doctors who plan for postgraduation after BDS. The deemed dental colleges are affiliated with the respective deemed universities. Confused? Allow me to give you a small overview of what these are deemed universities.

In our country, a deemed or deemed-to-be university is an accreditation given to higher educational institutions by the Ministry of Education. The University Grants Commission of India recognizes them. And are fully autonomous. They run their courses, curriculum, and admissions and even conduct their exams independently.  Multiple courses and colleges are affiliated with them, including their own medical and dental colleges.

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The admission process for MDS is controlled by the DGHS, New Delhi, and MCCI through their admission website,

MDS Fee Structure of Deemed Universities

As I have mentioned previously, the demand for deemed universities is rising every day between MDS aspirants. This emerging popularity is attributed to the fact that most of these institutes are well-furnished with both basic and advanced technologies, instil modern curricula, have good research facilities, and have experienced faculties.

So, coming to the fees, all dental institutes display a wide range of fees based on the speciality and the institutional management.

Also, I have received a lot of queries concerning the fee structure for MDS courses in these dental institutes. I do get that, an idea of the fee structure helps the aspiring MDS candidates to plan the budget for the three-year course. So, I have added the details of the fee structure of MDS in deemed universities, which is as follows:

College NameConservative ProsthodonticsOral Surgery OrthodonticsPeriodontolgyPedodonticsOral MedicineOral Athology Public Health 
AB Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences10.1 Lakhs10.1 Lakhs10.1 Lakhs10.1 Lakhs7.5 Lakhs10.1 Lakhs3.1 Lakhs2.1 lakhsNA
Amrita School of Dentistry12.6 Lakhs12.6 Lakhs11.1 Lakhs12.6 Lakhs11.1 Lakhs12.6 Lakhs5.6 Lakhs3.5 Lakhs4.5 Lakhs
Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital,Pune13.6 Lakhs13.6 Lakhs13.6 Lakhs13.6 Lakhs13.6 Lakhs13.6 Lakhs13.6 Lakhs13.6 LakhsN/A
Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital, Navi Mumbai13.6 Lakhs13.6 LakhsN/A13.6 Lakhs13.6 Lakhs13.6 LakhsN/AN/AN/A
Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital,Sangli13.6 Lakhs13.6 Lakhs13.6 Lakhs13.6 Lakhs13.6 Lakhs13.6 LakhsN/AN/AN/A
Dr. DY Patil Dental College and Hospital,Navi Mumbai18.7 Lakhs19 Lakhs19 Lakhs19 Lakhs10 Lakhs15 Lakhs6  Lakhs5  LakhsN/A
Dr. DY Patil Dental College and and Hospital, Pune17 Lakhs17 Lakhs17 Lakhs17 Lakhs10 Lakhs15 Lakhs6  Lakhs4  Lakhs4  Lakhs
Indira Gandhi Dental College and SBV12 Lakhs9 Lakhs10 Lakhs12 Lakhs8  Lakhs8  Lakhs4  Lakhs3  Lakhs5  Lakhs
Institute of Dental Sciences12 Lakhs10 Lakhs12 Lakhs12 Lakhs10 Lakhs10 Lakhs7.5 Lakhs7.5 Lakhs9 Lakhs
JSS Dental College and Hospital9.6 Lakhs9.6 Lakhs9.6 Lakhs9.6 Lakhs9.6 Lakhs9.6 Lakhs9.6 Lakhs9.6 Lakhs9.6 Lakhs
K M Shah Dental College9.5 Lakhs9.5 Lakhs9.5 Lakhs9.5 Lakhs6  Lakhs7.5 Lakhs3  Lakhs2  Lakhs4.5  Lakhs
Kalinga Institute of Dental Science12.5 Lakhs10 Lakhs 12.5 Lakhs12.5 Lakhs10 Lakhs10 Lakhs10 Lakhs10 Lakhs10 Lakhs
KLE VK Inst. of Dental Sciences 10 Lakhs10 Lakhs10 Lakhs10 Lakhs10 Lakhs10 Lakhs50 Thous-and 50 Thous-and1  Lakh
Manav Rachna Dental College and Hospital10 Lakhs11 LakhsN/A11 Lakhs10 Lakhs8  LakhsN/AN/AN/A
Manipal College of Dental Science (Manipal) 19.4 Lakhs19.4 Lakhs17.7 Lakhs19.4 Lakhs11.6 Lakhs17.7 Lakhs8.7 Lakhs8.7 Lakhs8.7 Lakhs
Manipal College of Dental Science (Mangalore)19.4 Lakhs19.4 LakhS17.7 Lakhs19.4 Lakhs11.6 Lakhs17.7 Lakhs8.7 Lakhs8.7 Lakhs8.7 Lakhs
Meenakshi Ammal Dental College and Hospital13 Lakhs13 Lakhs13 Lakhs13 Lakhs9  Lakhs9  Lakhs5  Lakhs3  Lakhs5  Lakhs
MM College of Dental Sciences & Research8 Lakhs8 Lakhs8 Lakhs8  Lakhs6  Lakhs6  Lakhs3  Lakhs2  Lakhs2  Lakhs
Rural Dental College11 Lakhs11 Lakhs11 Lakhs11 Lakhs6.3 Lakhs11 Lakhs4.2 Lakhs4.2 LakhsN/A
Santosh Dental College and Hospital7 Lakhs8 Lakhs8 Lakhs8  Lakhs5  Lakhs6  Lakhs2.5 LakhsN/AN/A
Sathyabama Univ. Dental College and Hospital12 Lakhs N/AN/A12 Lakhs N/A12 Lakhs N/AN/AN/A
Saveetha Dental College16.5 Lakhs16.5 Lakhs16.5 Lakhs16.5 Lakhs12 Lakhs15.5 Lakhs8  Lakhs3  Lakhs5  Lakhs
School of Dental Sciences and KIMSDU11 Lakhs  11 Lakhs11 Lakhs11 Lakhs8  Lakhs 11 LakhsN/A1   LakhN/A
Sharad Pawar Dental College and Hospital9.5 Lakhs9.2 Lakhs9.5 Lakhs9.2 Lakhs9.2 Lakhs9.2 Lakhs9.2 Lakhs9.2 LakhsN/A
Sree Balaji Dental College and Hospital13.5 Lakhs11.5 Lakhs12.5 Lakhs13.5 Lakhs8.5 Lakhs11 Lakhs4.5 Lakhs3  LakhsN/A
Sri Ramachandra Dental College And Hospital11.5 Lakhs11.5 Lakhs11.5 Lakhs11.5 Lakhs9 Lakhs11.5 Lakhs6.5 Lakhs5 LakhsN/A
Sri Siddhartha Dental College And Hospital9.2 Lakhs8.7 Lakhs9.2 Lakhs9.2 Lakhs7.9 Lakhs7.9 LakhsN/A4.7 LakhsN/A
SRM Dental College And Hospital14 Lakhs11 Lakhs 14 Lakhs14 Lakhs9  Lakhs12 Lakhs5  Lakhs3.5  Lakhs6  Lakhs
SRM Katt. Dental College and Hospital14 Lakhs11 Lakhs 14 Lakhs14 Lakhs9  Lakhs12 LakhsN/AN/AN/A
Thaimoogambigai Dental College and Hospital15 Lakhs15 Lakhs15 Lakhs15 Lakhs10 Lakhs15 Lakhs8  Lakhs3  LakhsN/A
VMS Dental College Hospital14 Lakhs10 Lakhs14 Lakhs11 Lakhs7  Lakhs9  Lakhs5.5  Lakhs4  Lakhs4  Lakhs
Yenepoya Dental College13 Lakhs10 Lakhs10 Lakhs13 Lakhs8  Lakhs10 Lakhs3  Lakhs3  Lakhs3  Lakhs

The fee structure mentioned here doesn’t include the accommodation charges and any miscellaneous fees of the colleges. Hence, while you consider the annual fees, you can assume a sum of 1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh for the hostel and food.

Miscellaneous fees might or might not be present in every college. However, since the MDS curriculum is designed with a lot of practical applications, considering an additional 70 thousand to 1 lakh yearly will be helpful while you plan the budget for MDS.

Eligibility Criteria For MDS In Deemed University

Admission to an MDS course in a deemed university is not only determined by scoring a rank in the NEET MDS exam, but you should also pass their eligibility terms and conditions. It is said that a student must complete the BDS course, followed by a compulsory internship from a recognized dental college in India. Apart from that, one has to be qualified in the NEET MDS exam conducted in the relevant year.

If you have the following eligibility criteria, then you must attend the NEET MDS Counseling, through which the seats will be allotted.


How much does an MDS course cost?

The cost of MDS in India depends on the specialty and institute of your choice. The MDS tuition fees at government dental colleges might range from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 25,000 annually. On the other hand, in private dental colleges, it might start at Rs. 5.85 lakh and go up to a whopping amount of Rs. 20 lakh per year.

How do I get admission in MDS?

If you are interested in taking admission in MDS, you have to first participate in the NEET MDS entrance exam. Once you qualify for this exam, you have to participate in the NEET MDS counseling conducted by the MCCI through their website, or the admissions website of the relevant state for state counseling of your preference.

How much is the MDS stipend in India?

The stipend for MDS in India varies from college to college. It might range between Rs 10,000 and Rs 50,000 monthly, depending on the institute. However, not all colleges avail of the stipend facility for MDS students.

How is MDS admission 2024 based?

Admission to MDS is completely based on rank or merit a student gets in the NEET MDS exam.

How many deemed dental colleges are there in India?

There are 32 deemed dental colleges in India for MDS.

What is the meaning of a deemed university?

Deemed University is an autonomous university in India. They are accredited with this status by the Ministry of Health, India. They are recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India and have high education standards. They independently run their courses, curriculum, admissions, and fees.

How can I get MDS admission at Deemed University?

MDS admission at a deemed university is completely based on the All-India NEET rank. Furthermore, interested and qualified students have to participate in the All-India MDS counseling for deemed universities. This counseling is conducted every year by the Medical Counseling Committee of India (MCCI) through their official website, , after the NEET MDS results are announced.

What are the fees charged for participating in Deemed University for MDS?

The Medical Counseling Committee of India (MCCI) will announce the NEET MDS counseling on their official website, , after the NEET MDS results. So, candidates interested in acquiring admission in any deemed dental college have to participate in the counseling conducted by them You have to register for the counseling and pay a security deposit as well. The registration fee for MDS counseling is Rs 5,000 and is not refundable. The security deposit fee for participating in MDS counseling is Rs 2 lakh and is refunded after the student gets the allotment.


Deemed dental colleges contribute to a major quarter of MDS seats in India, and due to their state-of-the-art facilities, the preference for studying there is increasing day by day. It will be even appropriate to say that the tuition fee charged by them is fully justified and worth the money you will pay! However, it’s said that “ All that glitters isn’t gold”.

Also, by the end of this article, you must have got an idea of the fee structure. Although justified, there are also certain additional expenses during the PG curriculum, which might be extravagant sometimes! So, as you plan your MDS journey, stay tuned and acknowledge yourself with as much information as you can before joining any institute you are allotted to!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, and I will try my best to respond as soon as possible.

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