BDS Course Fees in Kerala – 8 Lakhs Total Package in Kerala

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you might know I am also natively from Kerala.

New to my blog? Then, let me introduce myself. 😀

I am Vishnu Nambiar natively from Calicut, Kerala – one of the people behind this blog for dentists and dental aspirants.

Every year I used to get thousands of queries related to BDS courses and BDS admissions from across the globe. Out of which almost 17 % of the queries are from Kerala or Malayalees settled abroad.

And they will be asking for BDS colleges in Kerala and neighboring states. So I thought, why not write a detailed post about the same…

Stories apart, in this post I will be giving you all the information about the BDS fee structure in Kerala. I would request you to go through this article completely, as I will also be giving you information about:

  • Choosing the best dental college in Kerala or outside Kerala.
  • Whether to do BDS from Kerala or other states.
  • Benefits of doing BDS in Kerala and other states.
  • How can I help you choose the best colleges, etc?


If you are ready to migrate to any state in India, I can provide you with the best dental college at fees ranging from Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs for the complete course, including hostel and food.

BDS Fee Structure in Kerala

First of all, I will tell you about the BDS fees in Kerala that are fixed by the CEE and then discuss the variations in fee structure for different colleges.

Here I will only be discussing the BDS fee structure in private colleges in Kerala. For government dental college fees in Kerala, I will surely write a separate article.

The fees fixed by the dental colleges in Kerala are:

  • Private or management quota fees for BDS in Kerala – Rs.3.30 lakhs per year.
  • BDS NRI quota fees in Kerala – Rs.6 lakhs per annum.

These are the tuition fees mentioned, and there will be extra fees which will be charged by the college, which are as given below:

  • Extra fees in the first year – Rs.50,645.
  • Other years – Rs.33,673.

Apart from this, if you are opting for a hostel and food, then you have to pay Rs.60,000 to Rs.1.5 lakhs depending on the college and type of rooms you are choosing.

For example, if you are choosing a triple-sharing room, the charge will be different, and if you are choosing a single room, the fee will be different.

Other Scenario:

Think in case the number of students qualified is very low or due to any reason if the seats are put vacant in any of the colleges, there are chances that the colleges might reduce the fees.

But never expect a high drop in the fees in reputed dental colleges in Kerala. There are a few low-quality colleges that will reduce their fees to a great extent, and I wouldn’t suggest you go for it.

The Risk:

I have seen many students and parents being overconfident that the fees will reduce and, at last, will end up paying the normal or higher fees in average colleges or lose an academic session.

So I would suggest you not take that kind of risk of being overconfident.

The Solution

Understanding the counseling procedures and the fee variations by yourself or hiring an experienced guide for the same. You will save at least a lakh or two without any doubt.

A lot of students also ask me whether they can get BDS admission without NEET and what will be the fees without NEET for BDS. Please do keep in mind that it is not possible to take BDS admission without NEET.

Lowest Fees I can Provide You in India

I know more than 100 dental colleges in India, and some colleges have fees ranging from Rs.1.50 lakhs per year to Rs.7 lakhs per year.

But suppose you are looking for the best fees in a college with decent infrastructure and excellent academics, anywhere in India. In that case, it will cost you around Rs.8 lakh – total package including hostel and food.

First YearRs.2 lakhs
Second YearRs.2 lakhs
Third YearRs.2 lakhs
Final YearRs.2 lakhs
InternshipNo Fees

Note: This college is not located in Kerala.

Whether to choose a dental college in Kerala or other states?

This is my personal view about dentistry in Kerala and other states.

Exposure to Patients Using Chewing tobacco, Gutka, Pan Masala, etc

Most of you might know that chewing tobacco-related products like pan masala, gutka, etc, are banned in the state of Kerala. This means the patients who are visiting the colleges as patients will not be exposed to tobacco.

Where in other states, chewing tobacco is still legal, and people use it regularly.

The conclusion is that, if you are studying dentistry at dental colleges outside Kerala you will be getting exposure to patients who are using tobacco. This will boost your confidence and you will be learning a lot better in terms of clinical practice.


The fee structure BDS in other states is comparatively very low to date. Yes, if you are flexible with the location, you can get the best colleges in India at a very low fee structure.

In other states, the fees are charged by the college for 4 years, but in Kerala, the fee is charged for 5 years.

If you are looking for information about BDS fees, then you can go through my detailed post about:

Network, Exposure, and Language

I always advise students to network and experience new cultures and people. When you come out from home and stay in a hostel, the level of change in your character and attitude will be great.

This only happens if and only if you choose the right path.

Think you are in a college in Delhi…

There will be students from different parts of the country. This will give you exposure to different kinds of people, which will improve your language and personality as a dentist.

Apart from these, you will be making friends and a circle of doctors from around the country. 😛

YOu might have heard a quote -” Your NETWORK is Your NET-WORTH”.

People find these not that important, but I have experienced the benefits of the same.

How I can Help You with BDS Admission?

As a platform for dentists, dental students, and dental aspirants, we always want to help every one of them in the field of dentistry.

College Selection

There are more than 300 dental colleges in India, and I am updated with the latest updates of more than 100 dental colleges. I know which college is good for which department and how I can easily help in filtering the best colleges depending on your budget.

Seat Booking Facility

After choosing the college, I will make sure you are placed in the same college by booking the seat.

Affordable Fees

In more than 90% of dental colleges, I can guarantee you a lower fee through my reference. For example, there will be a college charging around 20 Lakhs, but I can try getting it at a lower fee.

Counseling Guidance

Before 2016, it was really easy to get a BDS seat in Kerala or any other state. But from 2016, the candidate has to attend the MCC or state counseling, depending on the college you are choosing. It is a 2-3 month long process that takes place online and offline.

Once you take my service, I will be guided through the complete procedures from registration to allotment of your seat.

Loan Support

If you are considering applyinging for an educational loan, then I can help you in getting the required documents from the college, the Dental Council of India, and the university.


I have tried my best to provide all the information regarding BDS course fees in Kerala here. I also mentioned the fee structure for colleges in other states.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the same, feel free to contact me at +91-7907887585.

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