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Today will discuss a topic from oral medicine which is Fordyce’s granule. It is a common condition seen when I was posted in my oral medicine department. Here the patient comes with whitish to yellow bumps seen on the edges of the lips or inside your cheeks. And there is nothing to worry about as it is painless, harmless, and clearly normal.

First of all, it is a developmental anomaly. It is characterized by a heterotrophic collection of sebaceous glands situated at various sites of the oral cavity and covered by oral mucosa. They are usually submucosal. Fordyce granules are also known as Fordyce spots or Fordyce glands.


Fordyce’s spots are caused due to high cholesterol levels, oily skin, and age-related factors. Fordyce’s granules are commonly seen in the inner surface of the lips, mucosa of the cheek, opposite to the molar teeth, and retromolar area, and in some cases they are seen in the tongue, gingival, frenum, and palate. When we do clinical examination the surface appears delineated with a smooth surface that is not ulcerated. When we touch feels like a cheesy consistency.

Fordyce granule in buccal mucosa.

They are usually light yellow in color. They are around 1 to 3 millimeters in diameter. When you stretch the skin you can visible it more clearly. They appear bilateral. In the genital area, they are reddish in color.

In which age group do you see? They are seen in any age group. They are more commonly seen in males compared to females. When it appears in the tongue they are dome-shaped nodules which are around 2 cm in diameter on the midline dorsum of the tongue. They increase during the time of puberty due to hormonal changes and continue to increase throughout their life.


They don’t produce any pain or itching. When they occur in the genital area they bleed after intercourse. They are not infectious and will not transmit from person to person so no need for any worry. Fordyce spots in the genital area should be careful might be some other sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts.

Are there people who are under risk factors for Fordyce’s spots? They are more commonly seen in men than women. The people who have oily skin have more chance of getting Fordyce’s spot. Some article shows that people who have inherited colorectal cancer shows Fordyce’s spot in the mouth.

Also, people who have more cholesterol content have more chance of getting the same.


As we all are so much concerned about our aesthetics. A small pimple or a small scar on our face makes us tensed and anxious. Then you imagine the case of having Fordyce’s granule in your lips! Definitely, it will make you anxious and depressed. In some individuals, it may affect them emotionally too. In your genital area, its presence makes you more worried about what your sexual partner might think!!

However, it’s all normal and there is not much complication for this.


Fordyce’s granule generally doesn’t need any treatment. But if you are aesthetically concerned then you can go for treatment.

Use of lasers

You can go for laser treatment. In laser treatment, we use carbon dioxide gas. But it causes scars. So we recommend using pulsed dye laser which causes less scar and they are little expensive.

Topical treatments

There are certain topical treatments for Fordyce’s granule. It includes creams such as topical tretinoin,  isotretinoin, and trichloroacetic acid. Tretinoin and isotretinoin should not be used at the time of pregnancy.


It is  a method of freezing the spot with liquid nitrogen

Chemical cauterization

Chemical cauterization is a method used successfully which don’t leave any scar or discoloration. This would be the best treatment method for you.


  • Do not touch that area and avoid scratching in that which will further worsen the condition.
  • Avoid self remedies.
  • Avoid excessive heat, humidity, and stress.

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