Dental Colleges in Modinagar – List of Colleges with Fee Structure

Modinagar is a place situated approximately 75 km from Delhi International Airport and it is an area near Delhi NCR where many students migrate to study BDS.

I had been to the place and stayed for months, and I know the inside out about the dental colleges in Modinagar.

So, I will try my best to include all the information and my experience in this article about the dental colleges in Modinagar.

This article might be lengthy and I would like you to navigate the article using the table of contents given below.

Dental Colleges in Modinagar

There are 2 dental colleges in Modinagar and they are:

Modinagar is just 17 km from Meerut and you can also keep dental colleges in Meerut as an option. In Meerut, there are 2 dental colleges and they are:

Few things you must know about Modinagar

Before you choose colleges in Modinagar, I would like you to know more about the place.

As I told you, Modinagar is almost 75 km from Delhi Airport, and it is almost 40 minutes from the Delhi-UP border. As of now, there are 2 modes of transportation – Bus and Cab.

But within a year the Meerut rapid rail will be open and it will be very easy for you to commute to dental colleges in Modinagar.

One of the colleges, DJ Dental College, is the nearest to the new metro station.

So, in the next section, I will be giving you a complete idea about both dental colleges, through my personal experience.

#1 DJ Dental College, Modinagar

This is the oldest dental college in Modinagar, which was started in the year 1999, by Mr.Ajit Jassar.

The college has a total intake of 100 seats for BDS and 45 seats for MDS.

The college is situated on Niwari Road in Modinagar, which is one of the main connecting roads to many small villages nearby. This makes sure that they have enough patients and easy to conduct free dental camps.

DJ Dental College is affiliated to Atal Bihari Medical University, Lucknow.

They charge a tuition fee of around Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.11 lakhs for the whole course. The reason they have low fees is because of their location. But the quality of education and more is up to the mark.

They also have courses like Nursing, Pharmacy, Ayurveda etc.

Personal Tip: If you are looking to join DJ Dental College, you can take my recommendation and get a discount on your fee structure. And it completely depends on your academics.

#2 Institute of Dental Studies and Technologies, Modinagar

This college is not exactly situated in Modinagar, it is located on the Delhi-Meerut highway and the exact place is called Kadrabad.

The college is also known as IDST Dental College Modinagar.

The college was established in the year 2000-2001 by Padmashree Dr. L.K. Gandhi. The college has a total intake of 100 seats for BDS and 33 seats for MDS. They do not have any other courses than BDS and MDS. The college was a very well-reputed dental college until a few years back.

As of now, the college is an average college. The college charges around Rs.11 lakhs to Rs.12 lakhs fees for BDS for the whole course.

The hostel facility is average, but the food quality compared to other colleges is good.

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Which is the best dental college in Modinagar?

Both the colleges are on a tie. 😀

But, as for my experience and keeping in mind the Return on Investment, I would say it will be DJ Dental College.

Yes, and I have reasons to rate it higher.

Dental Colleges Near Modinagar

As I told you earlier, there are 2 dental colleges in Meerut, which is around 17 km from Modinagar. Out of the 2 dental colleges, only one is good and that is Subharti Dental College.

Another college, Kalka Dental College is not up to the mark and they have very low patients and facilities.

You can join Kalka Dental College, only you are studying for the sake of a degree and not clinical skills.

I personally know students there and they had given me these reviews and I had personally visited the college and I confirmed it.

But, Subharti Dental College, I would say is the top 5 dental colleges in UP.

Excellent patient flow and infrastructure.

How to Take Admission to BDS Colleges in Modingar?

The minimum eligibility criteria to be admission to any dental college in India is to qualify NEET-UG entrance exam and have a minimum of 50% marks in the 12th class.

If you meet the minimum eligibility criteria, then you must attend the counseling conducted by UPDGME.

Steps in Counseling for taking admission to dental colleges in Modinagar

After you have qualified in the NEET-UG entrance exam you have to attend the counseling. To make things better, you can book the seats before the counseling starts so that the college will help you with these procedures.

  • Step 1: Registration.
  • Step 2: Pay registration fees and security fees.
  • Step 3: Document verification.
  • Step 4: Choice Filling.
  • Step 5: Allotment of the seat.

If you are confused about these procedures, you can take my guidance for free and I will help you in getting a seat in a dental college in Modinagar.

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I tried my best to include all the information regarding all the dental colleges in Modinagar.

All the information given is from my personal experience and reviews taken from my friends and students who are studying in these colleges.

If you feel this information is worth sharing, then please do share it with students who are in need. This will help me expand my network to more students and help me grow.

You can also show your support by commenting below and I will try my best to revert back as soon as possible.

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