DJ Dental College MDS Fee Structure

Hope you are doing well and welcome to one of the best dental blogs, DentalFry. Today I wanted to tell you about a known dental college in the Delhi NCR area, DJ Dental College and Hospital. I won’t be reviewing the college here, but I will give you a complete insight into the DJ Dental College MDS fee structure. ๐Ÿ˜€

DJ Dental College MDS Fee Structure Basic Overview

Before jumping into the MDS fee structure I would like to tell you a few things. I have dealt with many dental colleges in India and what I have seen is the hidden charges of donations charged by the college.

First of all keep in mind that, the MDS fee structure is fixed by the state authorities and not by the college. After the NEET-MDS and centralized counseling were introduced the college also cannot take any donations or capitation fees.

To tally with the same few colleges charge very high hostel and material charges. What I found really interesting in DJ Dental College is that they don’t have any kind of hidden charges.

MDS Fee Structure in Divya Jyoti Dental College

DJ Dental College, Modinagar provides a Master of Dental Surgery in all 9 departments. Like every private college, the tuition fees for each department vary. First I will tell you about the tuition fees and later I will explain about other charges.

Divya Jyoti Dental College MDS Fee Structure

  • MDS in Endodontics – Rs.6.75 – 7.50 Lakhs/year.
  • MDS in Orthodontics – Rs.6.75 – 7.50 Lakhs/year.
  • MDS in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – 6.75 – 7.50 Lakhs/ year.
  • MDS in Prosthodontics – Rs.5 – 6 Lakhs/year.
  • MDS in Pedodontics – Rs.4 – 5 Lakhs/year.
  • MDS in Periodontics – Rs.3.50 – Rs.4 Lakhs/year.
  • MDS in Community – Rs.3 – Rs.4 Lakhs/year.
  • MDS in Oral Medicine and Radiology – Rs.2.50 – 3 Lakhs/year.
  • MDS in Oral Pathology – Rs.2 Lakhs/year.

You can contact me at – +91-8951242255 if you want to be admitted to DJ Dental College.

Important: I will be able to provide you with the best and lowest MDS fee structure at DJ Dental College. These are the approximate fees. Depending on the NEET-MDS scores, the college will be ready to negotiate.

DJ Dental College Material Fees

The college doesn’t charge you anything as the material charge. The college will provide you with sufficient materials and its worth what you pay. In case if you feel you are in need of more materials, you can buy them yourself. ๐Ÿ˜€

I would say, it will be worth what you pay!

Dj Dental College Exam Fees

The college doesn’t charge any exam fees and is charged by the university. Divya Jyoti Dental College is affiliated with Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical University and the university examination fee will be charged by them.

The exam fee differs every year.

Dental Colleges Cant Take any Donations for MDS Admission

As I told you earlier private dental colleges in India cannot charge any capitation fee after the introduction of centralized counseling and NEET-MDS. Still, I had seen many colleges in the south demanding donations.

But, DJ Dental College doesn’t charge any donations or capitation fees.


Would you like to take MDS admission at DJ Dental College?

If you decide to be admitted to Divya Jyoti Dental College, then you must attend the state counseling conducted by UPDGME. There are few admission procedures and it will take some time.

The basic procedures are:

  • Online Registration.
  • Document Verification.
  • Counseling Round 1.
  • Counseling Round 2.
  • MOP-UP round.

Most of the students are not aware of the procedures and are not able to get any seats due to the same. I can guide you and help you through the complete procedures. I have more than 3 years of experience in UP-NEET counseling.

You might be thinking about how much I charge for this service. It is completely FREE!

When I help you through the counseling procedures and join any college, the organization will pay. I am happy with that and its a good deal for both of us.

I can also help you with:

  • Counseling guidance for different states.
  • Negotiating with the college depends on your NEET rank.
  • I can help you with choosing a good dental college.
  • I can also arrange a loan paper if you are applying for an educational loan etc.

I get a lot of calls saying, “Sir, I haven’t qualified for NEET-MDS, can you arrange me a seat somewhere?”. Please do keep in mind that without qualifying for NEET, it is impossible to get MDS admission to DJ Dental College.

I only deal with colleges:

  • Having good patient exposure.
  • Having a good infrastructure.
  • That is affiliated with a good university.
  • That is approved by the Dental Council of India.
  • That has excellent faculties.
  • That doesn’t have any hidden fees.

I am a little too concerned about these things when I choose a college and would be dealing with one that meets these criteria.

I am also dealing with many colleges in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, etc. A few colleges which I am dealing from the past few years are:

  • AJ Institute of Dental Science.
  • Institute of Dental Studies and Technologies.
  • Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences, Bangalore.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Dental College, Bangalore.
  • Sharavathi Dental College, Shimoga.
  • Vydehi Dental College, Bangalore.

These are a few that I like to mention and I almost deal with all the dental colleges in Karnataka. ๐Ÿ˜›


Whatever information I have given here is from my personal research and I know the inside-out of DJ Dental College. I also tried my best to include all the information about DJ Dental College’s MDS fee structure here.

If you find this post useful, please share it with your friends and people in need. If you need any personal guidance from me you can contact me at +91-8951242255. I am also available on WhatsApp.

You can also comment on your queries below and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

You can also my detailed post about all the dental colleges in Modinagar.

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