Dental Pharmacology Question Paper of RGUHS December 2014

This page shows you the dental pharmacology question paper of Rajiv Gandhi University of health and sciences of RGUHS. It is of the year December 2014.

Total Marks: 70 Marks

Draw neat and labeled diagrams wherever necessary.

LONG ESSAY – 2 x 10 = 20 Marks

1. What are Beta-lactam antibiotics? Write the pharmacology of amoxicillin and the dosage regimen in a patient with mitral valve prolapse syndrome posted for dental extraction.

2. Classify anti-cholinergic agents. Discuss the actions, therapeutic uses and adverse effects of atropine.

SHORT ESSAY – 8 x 5 = 40 Marks

3. Acetyl Salicylic acid.

4. Insulin Analogs.

5. Oral anticoagulants.

6. Dentifrices.

7. Metronidazole.

8. Pharmacological management of anaphylactic shock.

9. Frusemide.

10. Ascorbic acid.

SHORT ANSWERS – 5 x 2  = 10 Marks

11. Name any two drugs producing Gingival hyperplasia as a side effect.

12. Name any two drugs used in bronchial asthma.

13. Name any two sialogoues.

14. Explain why ethyl alcohol is administered in methyl alcohol poisoning.

15. Name any four styptic agents.

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