The Ultimate List Of DENTAL INSTRUMENTS & EQUIPMENTS For Your Clinic

Hey friends! Welcome back to my blog! If you are here on this page then you might be going to open a new dental clinic. Here, I listed all the dental products, instruments, and equipment that will be needed for a new dental clinic. I have tried my best to add all the products that will be useful for your clinic.

Let me just tell you a few things in general. Before you make a purchase, please make a checklist of products that will be needed for your dental clinic. Includes everything from materials, instruments, equipment, decors, furnishes, stationery, and everything. In one paper, write the list of materials on other equipment, and separate the list. Categorize the list, so that it would be easy for you to buy, bargain and check. I have given a vast list of dental materials, and according to your needs, you can change or cut down the list.

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This list is just the general list, and a few super specialty dental clinics will have to buy more equipment depending on their practice. The major products needed for every dental clinic are:

  • Dental Chair.
  • Compressor.
  • Motorized Suction.
  • LED Curing Light.
  • Scaler.
  • Airotor Handpiece.
  • Airotor Cartridge.
  • Micromotor Handpiece.
  • Eyewash station.
  • Spray and Hand piecer cleaning lubricant.
  • Micromotor for Clinical and lab.
  • Air motor.
  • Air Polisher.
  • Autoclave.
  • Sterilized instrument pouch sealer.
  • Water Distiller.
  • Ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Sterilization Equipment: Hot water bath, Needle burner,  Glass beads sterilizer, UV Chamber.

  • Dental X-Ray Unit
  • Portable X-Ray.
  • X-Ray Developer Box.
  • X-Ray Viewer.
  • RVG.
  • Intraoral Camera.
  • Monitor.
  • Magnifying loupe.
  • OPG.
  • Endo motor.
  • Apex locator.
  • Bleaching Light.
  • Laser.
  • Amalgamator.
  • Physio Dispenser.
  • Implant motor.
  • Piezo Surgery.
  • Stethoscope.
  • Micro Torch.
  • Blood pressure analyzer – Digital.
  • Ortho welder.
  • Pulp tester.
  • GP Cutter.
  • Conscious sedation unit.
  • Gloves.
  • Mouth mask.
  • Headcaps.

Dental Instruments Needed for Every Dental Clinic:

Diagnostic Instruments:

  • Disposable mirror.
  • Disposable tweezer.
  • Disposable probe.
  • Mouth mirror.
  • Single-Ended Probe.
  • Double-ended Probe.
  • Tweezer.
  • Endo Locking Tweezer.
  • Endo excavator.
  • Endo explorer.
  • Endo plugger.
  • Endo spreader.
  • Williams probe.
  • CPITN Probe.
  • Nabers probe.
  • Pocket marker.

Conservative Instruments Needed in Every Dental Clinic:

  • Amalgam carver.
  • Amalgam carrier.
  • Burnisher.
  • Cement Spatula.
  • Interproximal carver.
  • Dycal Instrument
  • Condenser.
  • Plastic filling instrument.
  • Spoon excavator.
  • Composite filling.
  • Matrix band.
  • Matrix retainer.
  • Tofflemire retainer.
  • Tofflemire band.
  • Saddle-contoured matrices.
  • Bur Chuck.
  • Amalgam well.

Surgery Instruments:

  • Forceps kit.
  • Pedo forceps.
  • Elevator.
  • Root Elevator.
  • Root tip elevator kit.
  • Crossbar elevator.
  • Luxators.
  • Periosteal elevator.
  • Scissors – Straight.
  • Scissors – Curved.
  • Gum scissors.
  • Band-cutting scissors.
  • Suture cutting scissors.
  • Angulated scissors.
  • Castrovijo Scissors.
  • Double-curved scissors.
  • End bend scissors.
  • Goldman Fox scissors.
  • Mayo scissors.
  • Needle holder.
  • Castrovijo Needle holder.
  • Mathew needle holder.
  • Artery forceps.
  • Mosquito forceps.
  • Sponge forceps.
  • Tissue forceps.
  • Allis tissue forceps.
  • Tissue nippers.
  • Bone curette.
  • Bone rounger.
  • Bone files.
  • Cheatle forceps.
  • BP Handles.
  • BP Blades.
  • Suturing needle.
  • Suture Picking Tweezer.
  • Skin hook.
  • Austins Retractor.
  • Legan Back Retractor.
  • Bolly Calliper.
  • Boon’s Gauge.
  • Mouth gag Ferguson.
  • Mouth gag Heister.
  • Metallic suction tip.
  • Aspiration syringe.
  • Ligature wire.

Prosthodontic Instruments:

  • Impression Tray Dentulous.
  • Impression Tray Edentulous.
  • Plaster spatula.
  • Plaster knife.
  • Wax spatula.
  • Wax knife.
  • Wax Carving PKT.
  • Wax Caliper.
  • Spirit lamp.
  • Crown remover.
  • Articulating paper forceps.
  • Rubber dam kit.
  • Retraction cord packer.

Orthodontic Instruments:

  • Erich arch bar.
  • Wire cutter.
  • Universal plier.
  • Adams plier.
  • 3 Beak Plier.
  • 3 Prong Plier.
  • Separator placing plier.

Other Important Instruments:

  • Implant instruments.
  • Periodontal Curettes.
  • API’s Clinic Set Up Kit.

Dental Accessories Needed for Every Dental Clinic:

Diagnostic Accessories:

  • Kidney Tray – 8 inches.
  • Kidney Tray 10 Inch.
  • X-Ray Clip.
  • X-Ray Film holder.
  • Lead Apron.

Conservative Accessories:

  • Plastic wedges.
  • Wooden wedges.
  • Transparent matrix band.
  • Polishing cup.
  • Polishing brush.
  • Composite polishing strips.
  • Composite polishing discs.
  • Composite polishing kit.
  • Glass slab.
  • Agate Spatula.
  • Dapen dish.
  • Pestle and Mortar.
  • Endo box.
  • Mini Endo Block.
  • Bur Holder.
  • Instrument Tray with Lid.

Surgery Accessories:

  • Surgical Trolley.
  • Cotton roll dispenser.
  • Cotton holder.
  • Mouth prop.
  • Pedo Cheek retractor.
  • Adult cheek retractor.
  • Lip retractor.
  • Cotton bin.
  • Surgical tray with cover.

Prosthodontic Accessories:

  • Blowtorch.
  • Denture box.
  • Fox plane.
  • Retraction cord.
  • VITA Shade guide – Classic or 3D.
  • Rubber bowl – large and small.

Sterilization and Related Accessories:

  • Instrument Cassettes.
  • Glass beads.
  • Glass dispenser.
  • Patient drape.
  • Goggles.
  • Bib Clips.

Other Accessories:

  • Composite compule gun.
  • Scaler tip holder.
  • Basic tray.

Dental Products or Supplies you need in a new Dental Clinic:


  • Impression Materials.
  • Alginate.
  • Alginate Adhesive.
  • Greenstick.
  • Buff’s muslin.
  • Lab Stones.
  • Pumice.
  • Reline Material.
  • Teeth set.


  • Disclosing solution.
  • Fluoride trays – double.
  • Thixo-Gel.
  • Floss and floss dispenser.

Endodontic Materials:

  • Files.
  • Broaches.
  • Burs.
  • Silicon Endo stops.
  • Gutta-percha dispenser.
  • Gates Glidden drills.
  • Paper points.
  • Cavit.
  • Monojet syringes.
  • EDTA.
  • GP Solvents.
  • Cement.

Oral Surgery:

  • Biopsy bottles.
  • Dry socket paste.
  • Gelfoam.
  • Iodoform gauze.
  • Local Anesthesia.

Other items you can use in your Dental Clinic:

This list Below is a list of dental products that will be needed to power up your dental practice. I have just mentioned it so that you won’t forget about these dental products.

  • Anti-Skid Autoclavable Footwear.
  • Dental Posters.
  • Chair covers.
  • Stools. (It’s an add-on with a Dental Chair)
  • Patient management software.
  • Patient Entertainer.
  • Mouthwashes.
  • Medicines – I just mentioned it.
  • Noise-cancellation headphones for patients.
  • Decorations, furniture, cabinets, and partitions.
  • Stationaries.

Wrapping Up the List

I made this list by referring to many dentists and researching online, too. I have tried my best to include all the dental products you may need in starting a new dental clinic. If you found this post useful, please share it with your friends and people in need.

Did I miss anything? You can comment it down, and I will surely add it to the dental materials list after rechecking it. ๐Ÿ˜›

If you want to contact me, then please fill out the form on this page, and I will try my best to revert within 24 hours.,

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8 thoughts on “The Ultimate List Of DENTAL INSTRUMENTS & EQUIPMENTS For Your Clinic”

  1. Hello Good day sir thanks for uploading the stuff in so details. It’s of great use.
    I m opening a new dental clinic. So can you plz advice me approx cost for the setup. As I have gone through the equipment list there are 231 items in total. For knowledge and to consider can you plzzz tell me approx cost of total equipments written in site and how to proceed for buying. Online or buying from any showroom.
    Thanks in advance.
    Awaiting your reply.

    • Dear Ravi,

      Thanks for your appreciation of this list of dental products I had given here.

      I would say it will cost you an approximate of Rs.10 lakhs for total clinic set-up with 2 dental chairs and all the standard materials and equipment.

      This includes interior designing with partitions using quality plywoods, mica sheets, 12mm glass for doors, electricals, plumbing, painting, etc for a clinic of around 400-500 square feet. It will also include your hoardings using ACP boards, designing of visiting cards, pamphlets, FB page, website and lot more.

      And about from where to buy the products: I would suggest you buy costly equipment like dental chairs, compressors, RVG, X-Ray, etc from the offline dealer and other products from Online. Please do re-check with the service provided by the local dealer and the manufacturing companies.

  2. Very useful list. Came handy while I planned for my clinic. There are a lot to take in, but you can always pick and choose. A good addition would be to add approx price range for the major equipments , like x-ray ,Apex locator, compressors,autoclave, uv cabinets etc . Thanks for the list, doc. It really helped.

  3. Hello sir good evening I read ur article nd it’s really very helpful for me thank u so much can u tell me around how much it costs to me for one dental chair setup
    Waiting for your reply
    Have a good day sir
    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Dear Dr.Amee,

      Thank you so much!

      The cost for a one chair clinic can be somewhere between 3-4 lakhs. It depends on the instruments and equipment you are planning to use. Make out a plan whether you need equipment like RVG, Endomotor, Intra-oral camera, etc.

      Also, you have to keep in mind which chair you are going to buy, there are chairs ranging from 1.5 to 3 lakhs. So in short, the cost completely depends on your requirements.


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