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Welcome back to my blog. Today, I will be telling you in detail about my dental clinic designing service in India. I have been into dental blogging for the past few years, and a few weeks back, I converted my blog into a complete solution for dentists and dental students around the globe. Here I will tell you how I started dental clinic design in India, how I can help you in setting up your dental clinic, the estimated price for setting up your clinic, etc.

How we started dental clinic design in India?

As I told you earlier, DentalFry started in 2016 as a dental blog for sharing notes, question papers, u, dates, and news in dentistry. Later in 2018, we converted DentalFry into a blog cum dental store and started selling dental materials, instruments, dental equipment, and many other products.

It took us more than a year to design, build and launch the dental store. Wondering why it took so long? We were brainstorming to come up with new ideas and partner with dental manufacturers. also, the website is self-designed. DentalFry is a complete by-product of hard work, commitment, and A/B testing.

During the developmental stage, we promoted our new business plan by word of mouth to our friends, seniors, and lecturers. That is when one of our junior dentists, Dr.Athul Puravath from the Wayanad district of Kerala, approached us to give him a quote for all the products we provide. He was so impressed by the low pricing, and he gave us a confirmation within 2 days.

We were new to the field and personally went to his place marked pipelines, and electricals for the clinic. That is when he told us he was looking for an economical interior designer, to design his clinic in a budget of 3 lakhs (excluding dental products and equipment). That is when the idea struck and we undertook the work with confidence.

We were completely new to dental supplies and interior designing when we committed to his work. Maybe it was Dr.Athul’s trust in us and the confidence we had.

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Our first dental clinic design work

You can check the before and after photos of the clinic below.

Dr Athul Puravath Dental CLinic Before

Dr.Athul’s Clinic space before starting work

It was a space owned by a footwear dealer. And we completely converted it into a hi-tech dental clinic.

Dr.Athul’s Clinic space before starting work -2

It took us 27 days to complete the whole work. There was a delay due to the Kerala flood issue.


Dr Athul Puravath Dental Clinic Design

The reception area has 8 wooden vintage chairs, a gypsum ceiling, a reception counter, and two glass partitions.

Clinic area

Dr Athul Puravath Dental Clinic Design 1

Dr.Athul needed two dental chairs. Both dental chairs are middle-end and are working fine with zero complaints.

Dr Athulo Puravath Denta CLinic Chair View

Chair View

This is the second view of the dental chair. The position of the dental chairs gives enough space for doctors and patients to move easily.

To be frank, we are currently working on designing and equipping 2 dental clinics in South India.

Features of our dental clinic design package:

So, I guess it was long, but, interesting to know how we started our dental clinic design India service. 

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Here I will be listing all the services and features we provide in our dental clinic design package. The major features are:

  • Complete plug-and-play dental clinic setup.
  • Clean and professional interior designing using high-quality materials.
  • Complete floor planning and ideas to use the complete area.
  • Space management.
  • Creative and customized ceiling designs.
  • Dental chair positioning.
  • Complete plumbing and electrical works.
  • Customized partitions and dental cabinets.
  • Custom-made mobile trolley.
  • Waste disposal support.
  • Electrical load management on dental equipment.
  • Registration support with IMAGE.
  • Online, link-based, and QR code-based payment options integration.
  • Dental Clinic Flex board design, stickers, light boards, etc. (Optional)
  • Visiting cards, inaugural notices, OP cards, OP sheet, prescription pad, etc. (Optional)
  • Dental Clinic Logo Design.
  • Dental Clinic Website designing. (Optional)
  • Digital marketing and online promotions for maximum patient footfall. (Optional)
  • Basic stationery to kick-start your dental clinic.
  • All dental instruments, dental products, equipment, consumables, etc.
  • Advertising and promotional support.
  • Clinic inaugural decorations.
  • Appliances can be arranged on request at a competitive price.
  • Complete training for clinical and non-clinical staff.
  • Tips and tricks to boost patient traffic. : P

Estimated Price for Dental Clinic Designing:

The pricing for setting up your dental clinic completely depends on factors like:

  • Dental clinic area.
  • Equipment you are opting for.
  • The number of dental chairs.
  • And your other requirements like the number of cabinets you need, type of lighting, etc.

For you to get an idea of our dental clinic design charge, I would like to give you an example. For a dental clinic with two chairs with an area of 500 square feet, it would cost you around 9 lakhs, which includes all dental instruments, equipment, consumables, furniture, electricals, plumbing, interior designing, painting with putty, and labor charges.

In the above scenario, the estimated cost includes branded and quality dental materials. It won’t be a local brand of instruments and equipment.

The price may vary depending on your requirement too. Anyway, I can guarantee you that our price for dental materials and dental clinic design will be the lowest in the field.

I am interested in your Dental Clinics Design India service; what Next?

Eureka! Now that you are interested in our dental clinic design service let me tell you in detail how we can move forward.

We are natively from Kerala, yeah same God’s Own Country. We have a team of designers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc, who are ready to migrate and work in any part of India.

If you are starting a dental clinic in Kerala, then we could come down to your place, take down your requirements and give you an estimation within one working day.

Are you far away from us?

No worries, doctor! We have solutions for you, too. If you are starting a dental clinic places far away from us, then you can:

  • Send us the detailed plan of the space and we could give you an estimate.
  • Book tickets for our designer to come to your place and give an estimation. In this case, you must bear the transportation, accommodation, and food for two days.

Satisfied with our estimated price? Let us start designing!

If you are satisfied with our estimated price for dental clinic design, we will provide you with custom-designed 3D images for giving an idea of how your dental clinic would look like.

After you approve the design, it will take us less than 5 days to come to your place and start the work.

How Should I Make the Payments?

Payment methods are different for dental products and dental clinic design.

For dental clinic interior work, you can make 50% advance payment of the estimation, and balance as work proceeds. Out of this 25% will be before providing you with 3D design and 25% before starting the work.

We will be giving estimations separately for the interior and products. 

And for dental products, the payment must be 100% advance. You have to buy dental products and equipment only when your clinic interior work is half done.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Clinic Design:

Do you provide your service PAN India?

Yes, we do provide our clinic design service all over India. if in case, we are not able to deliver our service at your place, it would be informed prior.

Will the estimated price increase after you complete the work?

No, Never Ever! We will be giving you the maximum estimated price for the safety of our client. The estimated price will change only if you make changes to the design. Minor design and accessories won’t make a huge change.

Is there any extra charge apart from the estimated price?

No! We will be including every charge in the price estimation. It will include transportation, accommodation, and food.

Should I provide accommodation and food for your staff?

To be frank, if you provide us the accommodation and food, it would be cheaper for you. I just told you that for your benefit. If you want us to find our accommodation and food, it will be included in the estimated price.

I will provide you with the materials, can you design and work for me?

Of course yes! It’s your place and you might be having a friend, who is running an accessory shop. Just provide us with the materials, we will work for you.

What is the estimated work completion time?

If you can provide or we can get accommodation near the space, our team is ready to work day and night. The work will be completed in a maximum of 30 days for mid-end clinics. If the project is big, it would take some more time. We will provide you with the completion time before starting the work.

Click the call button above and talk to our representative or drop an email to with your requirements.

Wrap up!

I guess I have included all the features which will be required for your dental clinic. We will surely do our best to give you our complete output on dental clinic design in India.

If you have any questions email or even comment below.

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