Who is Vishnu Nambiar?

About DentalFry: History and Present of DentalFry & CEO Vishnu Nambiar

Here I try my best to Share Everything Related to Dentistry and keeps the blog updated for patients, dentists and dental students!

Howdy All,

Welcome to DentalFry – A blog for Dentists, Dental Students, and other students!

I am Vishnu Nambiar, a dental student from the Gods Own Country – Kerala, India.

I started DentalFry as a blog for Dentists and Dental Students, where I used to share the latest updates, my experiences and a lot more. I started DentalFry on 1st August 2016 and started writing about what I experienced as a dental student.

A blog which was started for fun to share what I learned turned out to be the biggest life-changing experience for me. Yes, you heard it right! Now DentalFry is one of the best Dental blogs in India.

DentalFry’s popularity was not only because of the number of readers it was having. Its because it has changed the lives of many dentists and dental students by using the techniques and information which I shared.

Later in 2019, I thought to make an exclusive section for other students, where I will be able to share articles related to career guidance, NEET counsellings, college admission, etc.

Here is what you will find in DentalFry.

  • For Dental Students: Career Guidance, Notes, Question Papers etc.
  • For Dentists: Practice Management, Dental Marketing, Dental Clinic Designing, etc.
  • For Other Students: Career Guidance, Course Selection, NEET Counselling guidance, College Admissions.

Man Behind DentalFry: Vishnu Nambiar( That’s Me)

I am the founder of DentalFry.

To make my readers understand, I always use big words at times, but I am a really simple guy. I am a dental student from Kerala, India and I am doing my graduation from Sharavathi Dental College in Karnataka.

As I told you before, I started DentalFry on 1st August 2016 out of my passion for sharing and learning. At first, it helped me in connecting with many dentists and dental students around the globe. Sharing articles in my blog gave complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

I found blogging and DentalFry to be a great medium for sharing my favorites things with the world. Initially, I started writing things which I learned in my class, sharing question papers, notes, etc. This was surely helping many dental students, especially in India. But, later on, I discovered what dentists and other students want to know and started sharing about the same.

I started finding the problems dentists and dental students were facing and starting writing articles to solve those issues. This was when I started sharing what practically worked for me.

That was how DentalFry was born.

Later I thought of serving students who had completed their schooling and guide them in selecting the different courses available. I started sharing articles about dentistry and career guidance etc. And that too was a huge success and I started getting a lot of e-mails and comments from people around the globe.

When I started DentalFry, I had no idea how it is going to be. This is one of the best things ever happened to me in life.

Now I help

  • Help students choose the right career option after their schooling or dental programs.
  • Help dentists design, market and set-up their own dental office.

So, that’s all about me! 😀

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