About DentalFry: History of DF and CEO Vishnu Nambiar

About DentalFry

DentalFry is a part of the movement to help every dentist to grow their practice, clinical knowledge, entrepreneurship, and marketing skills.

Note: This is very long but interestingĀ for sure. šŸ˜€

Howdy, All!

Welcome to DentalFry – A community of creative and skilled dentists from across the globe. We help each other grow each otherĀ practice, knowledge etc.

Here is what you will find on DentalFry:

  • Practical tips to grow your practice and boost your income from zero.
  • Basic and advanced techniques to make money as a dentist, apart from practice which is not that easy.
  • Online and offline marketing tips for dentists, dental labs, dental material dealer etc.
  • A complete guide to increasing inbound patient traffic, sales, and practice brand value.
  • Exclusive deals and discounts for your dental office or business. (Isn’t it amazing to receiveĀ great discounts on dental materials, websites, marketing?)

I bought the domain DentalFry.com on 1st August 2016 by lending some money from my friend. That time my mobile number wasn’t linked to the bank account to make online payments. So, I had to go to the bank and link my number and details which took two days to get updated.

I started this blog just to update exam question papers, notes etc for dental students which later help me get a very good amount of readers. DentalFry is more than a popular blog, which had helped and made a positive impact on thousands of dentists and dental students around the globe.

The blog’s popularity is not because of the outstanding content only. It’s because DentalFry had changed lives of many dentists who used and tried the tricks and tips.

This blog had helped numerous dentists to grow their practice and also earn 40% more income through a lot of offline and online techniques. It helped many dentists become financially stable and independent, and then experience the beauty of life.

DentalFry is the best online community for dentists who want to grow their practice or entrepreneurship skills in the dental field.

Many people think dentistry is just opening an office and treating patients, but that is not entirely true. If you use a fusion of hard work with really smart work, you can easily make a living with dentistry (Especially for Indian dentists who are paid $200 per month); this is what DentalFry.com is all about.

DentalFry is the mainly the answer to:

  • How do you make money online as a dentist?
  • How do you market dental practice and increase patient traffic?
  • How to quit my job now and be my own boss as a fresher dentist?

About Vishnu Nambiar (That’s Me) šŸ˜€

I am the mind behind DentalFry.

While reading my articles you might feel, I am a complex guy. But I am a really simple guy trying to help dentists around the globe.

I completed my primary education from Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, East Hill and joined for BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery in Sharavathi Dental College and Hospital, Shimoga. Before trying to start dental blogging, I had done a lot of odd jobs as I wasn’t from a financially good family.

I was in the decision to drop my BDS course as I didn’t see any future in dentistry( In India Dentistry is hard rather than the US or Canada) and few other personal issues. Later, I read articles online in many other International Blogs which made me realize that dentists can easily earn a great living by using a few tricks to their practice and life.

This is how DentalFry was born.

DentalFry gave me much more than money. It gave me freedom which I thought I didn’t have before. I currently go through a free lifestyle spending time with family and friends.

When I am not online, I love to travel, watch movies and thinking to go for adventure sports.

To keep me healthy I am on a weight loss plan to look good and also meditate to feel good. šŸ˜›

Wrapping Up: Dental Fry

DentalFry primarily focus on dental marketing, dental blogging, dental tourism, making money online as a dentist, tools for dentists, dentists future guidance etc. More categories will be added by time and be updated with Dentalfry.com.