General Pathology Question Paper for BDS December 2014 RGUHS

This is General Pathology question paper for BDS 2nd year of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Sciences or RGUHS.

Total Marks: 35 Marks

Draw neat and labeled diagrams wherever necessary.

LONG ESSAY – 1 x 10 = 10 Marks

1. Define metastasis. Describe the routes of spread of malignant tumors with the example.

SHORT ESSAY – 3 x 5 = 15 Marks

2. Define pathological calcification. List with examples the types of pathological classification.

3. Describe the mechanism of a healing fracture.

4. Define edema. Describe the pathogenesis pathology of pulmonary edema.

SHORT ANSWERS – 2 x 5 = 10 Marks

5. Granulomatous diseases with examples.

6. List the stains of amyloids. Mention the appearance in each.

7. Enumerate four causes of eosinophilla.

8. Amyloblastoma.

9. Westergren’s tube.

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