MDS Admission through Management Quota 2019 - The Ultimate Guide

MDS Admission through Management Quota 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the exclusive edition of DentalFry where you will be given complete guidance to MDS admission. This guide is exclusively for dentists who want to join MDS through management or NRI quota. I will also break all the myths about MDS management seat cost, admission procedures etc. 😀

Do remember, to take admission in any dental college in India you must qualify the NEET-MDS exam.

I would like you to understand that there is nothing like DIRECT ADMISSION from the academic year 2017. It is completely illegal. Last year, I know students personally who have taken admission to vacant seats at the last moment for a very cheap price. I also thought it was a great deal for them. Later after one week, this news came, which almost shocked everyone. The high court of Karnataka completely canceled the management or NRI seats which are not taken through the common counseling procedures.

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You won’t come to know the issues now. In MDS there is only one university exam and that too at the end of three years. What if after three years of hard work you come to know you haven’t allotted any seat? Even I am not an astrologer, these are just my views.

Check the link below to read the high court of Karnataka decision on filling of management and NRI quota seats.

Must Read This: The Official News in THE HINDHU newspaper on Seat Cancellation

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You might be thinking, how come then I will provide you with an MDS management seat. To be frank, my team will help you completely in the counseling procedures and we have the complete stats of college-rank. My team will make you sit for the counseling and do guide you and help you secure a management seat for MDS.

In this post, we will talk about the following:

  • Benefits of Taking MDS Admission through me: Patient Booster, Scholarships, Referal Program, etc.
  • Features of my educational consulting program.
  • Don’t want to take MDS admission through me? What are the things to keep in mind before taking MDS admission?
  • How to select a college for MDS Admission?
  • Recommended Dental Colleges for MDS Admission
  • List of Dental Colleges I deal with
  • Frequently Asked Question(Before Contacting me better read this, as most of your queries are mentioned in it)


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There are a lot of educational consultancies or agents in India who offer the same service. But, we don’t work like other educational consultants. Our freelance consultancy is especially for dental aspirants. We don’t deal with any other courses other than dental.

Of course, I am into freelance educational consulting to earn a few bucks. But, not to rip-off your pockets. I will provide you with excellent benefits if you are joining for MDS through me.

Yes, it’s true the college people will pay me some incentives for referring a candidate to their institution. As I am also into the dental field, I know how hard it is to come up in dentistry.

I will provide you with some jaw-dropping excellent benefits if you are taking MDS admission through me. And I will guarantee you that it’s worth. So below I will list some features I offer through my consultancy and also what benefits you will get from me.

Benefits of taking MDS Admission through me:

I had listed the benefits which every candidate joining us will be provided and I am sure it will be useful for you. If any other benefits are added later, it will also be available for all the candidates.

The Jaw-Dropping Benefits:

  • Free Patient Booster: A product from DentalFry which helps increase patients to your dental clinic by 30%. You will get a free patient booster package for 3 months which will normally cost you $250. This will be made available only after your Post-Graduation. In special cases, we will provide this feature early, for that you should call us and confirm. Click here for more details on Patient Booster.
  • Scholarships: We will provide scholarships of $750 for candidates who secured the top marks. We will provide scholarships only to candidates who secured top in final year only. It is not in every year. For more details, you can click here.
  • Discounts and Offers: I will share discount coupons which will help you purchase products or services online and offline. The niche of discounts will not be specific it may include a variety of products. And they will not be listed anywhere else on the web. 😛

Fame and Money Benefits:

  • Personalized E-mail: I will provide you with a personalized email id for all the candidates who take MDS admission through me. Example:
  • Access to VIP Group: I will add you to the VIP Group of DentalFry which is a platform for sharing information in the dental field and will really help you succeed in the dental field. I will share cases, study materials, dental practice marketing tips, how to make money as a dentist, etc.
  • An author in DentalFry: Most of the people work for two things, money and fame. I think you know DentalFry had got a lot of viewers from around the globe. I will provide you space on my blog to share your articles which will surely give you a hell lot of fame. You should know about our terms and conditions for publishing content before you submit.
  • Referral Program Earning: You can earn through our referral system. You can earn in many ways through DentalFry. If you refer a candidate to join for MDS or BDS through my consultancy, you will be paid a decent incentive for a referral. You can also refer dental clinics for our Patient Booster and you will be paid a flat 15% incentive on it. For more information on our referral program, you can click here. 

I guess, Now you might know why you should take MDS admission through me :P. Apart from those benefits, I would like to tell you about my freelance consulting programs features. Yes, it might be similar to other consultants but they would never offer you benefits I am providing you.

Features of my MDS Admission Consulting Program:

Here I will list the features of my consulting program and read through it to get more information. As I was also a dental student, I know the wave-length other dental aspirants will be thinking. So I tried my best to give my candidates maximum support.

  • Advance Seat Booking Facility: If you want to take MDS admission you can even go for the option of advance seat booking to secure your seat in the top dental colleges in India.
  • Easy-Installment Payment: I will provide you an easy fee payment procedure where you can pay your fees by installment. The fee matrix depends on different colleges.
  • The arrangement of Loan Paper: I will provide you loan papers for easy sanction of educational loans. Do remember, we don’t arrange a loan facility for you. We just provide you with supporting documents needed to get an educational loan sanctioned.
  • Dedicated Dental Wing: I am not a general educational consultant. I only deal with dental courses like BDS, MDS, etc. This makes us special as we only concentrate on dental aspirants.
  • Selection of Dental Colleges: I am only affiliated with dental colleges which are affiliated and recognized by the Dental Council of India. We will provide you with the best college options possible, based on patient exposure, lab facilities, etc.
  • Career Support: I had even tied up with many firms which would help you get placed with good packages. Now a few clinics and hospitals, we are trying our best to expand more.
  • After-Support: After the admission procedures if you are facing any problems, you can surely contact me by phone or email. I will surely try my best to solve the issue.

Want to secure an MDS seat in the best dental colleges in India through me? You can click the below button and fill out the form or directly contact me on the given phone number.


Not Interested to take MDS Admission with me? 😀

Not at all a problem. You can search for the best educational consultants in your area and I would be really happy about your awesome career.

If you want to choose a genuine consultant who deals in MDS admission you should keep few things in mind. I will list it down which will be easy to select a consultant apt for you.

You should go for Educational Consultants who are:

  • Having a good track record in placing candidates in different dental colleges in India.
  • Having a permanent office, where you can contact in case of any issues. (I don’t have a specific office! But got an affiliate office in Bangalore. Trying to set-up my own dedicated office in a while.)
  • Providing loan paper for applying to bank loans.
  • Providing competitive fee package with easy installment payment facility.
  • Dealing with affiliated and DCI recognized colleges only.
  • Providing very good after-support.

These are the main things I would look into if I am standing in your place. 😛

 How to Select a College for MDS Admission?

I will explain to you how to select a college for your dental post graduation in a simple way. The major two things to keep in mind is the patient exposure in the college and the HOD or PG Guide in the specific college.

Patient Exposure:

  • I would strictly prefer you to opt for colleges which are having very good patient exposure. You are doing your post-graduation to learn more and in-depth about what you studied in during your UG. So make sure there are more than enough patients to treat and learn in the college.
  • You should enquire through your friends and contacts about the patients. In some college, there will be a lot of patients, but the student-patient ratio will be worst. So also do enquire about the student-patient ratio.

Collect HOD or Guide Information:

  • Through your contact, you should inquire about the HOD or the Guide in a specific department of a college. I had heard many colleges having very good faculty. But, they might very harsh in treating students and teaching.
  • Don’t think about the faculty of other departments of the college. Only do care for the faculty of your required department.
  • In my college, I had seen Endo as the coolest department and the students there are able to learn a lot.

Cost for Thesis under the Specific HOD:

  • Everyone reading this knows you have to do a thesis during your dental PG.
  • Investigate through your friends how much is the expense for thesis during PG under the specific HOD. I know a friend who does MDS in Endodontics and was having an expense of Rs.1 lakh for the thesis. On the other hand, his friend is doing a thesis just for Rs.40k.
  • This might help candidates who are having financial problems.

These are from my personal and my friend’s experiences. That is the reason I am sharing it in a simple and personal way.

Other secondary things you want to keep in mind while selecting a college(Not so important, but some may take this very important :P):

  • Location of College and Distance from your native place. You can check for this, as you won’t be able to bunk a lot of sessions during your PG.
  • Climatic Conditions of the place. Some students might be allergic to a cold climate and some to others. These are personal preferences etc.

My Recommended Colleges for MDS Admission

I had listed only six dental colleges in Karnataka which has excellent patient exposure and faculty by knowledge. You can also check for other dental colleges according to the department you need.

I am not stating that other dental colleges are not up to the mark. 😛


List of Dental Colleges I deal with:

These are the list of dental colleges I deal with for MDS admission through management quota in Karnataka. If you are from any other place I will help you out with it.

  • AB Shetty Memorial Dental College and Hospital, Mangalore
  • AJ Shetty Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore
  • AECS Maruthi Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore
  • Al-Ameen Dental College, Bijapur
  • Al-Badar Dental College, Gulbarga
  • AME’s Dental College and Hospital, Raichur
  • Navodaya Dental College and Hospital, Raichur
  • Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital(BIDS), Bangalore
  • Bapuji Dental College and Hospital, Davanegere
  • College of Dental Sciences(CODS), Davangere
  • Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences(CIDS), Coorg
  • RV Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore
  • Dayanand Sagar College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Bangalore
  • Dr.Shyamala Reddy Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore
  • Farooqia Dental College, Mysore
  • S. Nijalingappa Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Bagalkot
  • JSS Dental College and Hospital, Mysore
  • KVG Dental College and Hospital, Sullia
  • KGF Dental College and Hospital, Kolar
  • Krishnadevaraya Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore
  • MR Ambedkar Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore
  • MS Ramaiah Dental College and Bangalore, Bangalore
  • Maratha Mandal Nathaji Rao G Halgekar Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Belgaum
  • Sri Venkateshwara Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore
  • PMNM Dental College and Hospital, Bagalkot
  • Rajarajeshwari Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore
  • SDM College of Dental Sciences, Dharwad
  • Sharavathi Dental College and Hospital, Shimoga
  • Sri Hasanamba Dental College and Hospital, Hassan
  • Sri Rajiv Gandhi College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Bangalore
  • Sri Siddhartha Dental College and Hospital, Tumkur
  • The Oxford Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore
  • Vokkaligara Sanga Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore
  • Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Bangalore
  • Yenepoya Dental College and Hospital, Mangalore

I can also help you with:

  • MDS Admissions in Tamil Nadu
  • MDS Admissions in Maharashtra
  • MDS Admissions in Gujrat
  • MDS Admissions in Kerala
  • MDS Admission in Karnataka
  • MDS Admission in Bangalore
  • MDS Admissions through NRI Quota

For other locations, I am in a tie-up with only a few colleges and if you are having any requirement you can contact me and I will try to respond to you within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions about MDS Admissions:

These are the questions most of the candidates and their parents have in their mind. Dear Friends, please go through this part of the article as it might clear the majority of your questions about MDS admission in dental colleges in India.

Q: Is it necessary to qualify NEET Examination for getting an MDS Admission through management quota?

A: Yes, Qualifying NEET is needed to get admission for MDS in any dental college in India. The rule was passed by the supreme court of India. Don’t fall for people who ignore NEET and promises to secure a seat for you.

Q: Can I Book an MDS Seat in advance?

A: Yes, It is possible.

Q: If I want to cancel a seat, what is the procedure?

A: You should contact the consultant and request for the same. Most of the colleges will refund the amount after a service charge cutoff.

Q: Apart from tuition fees what extra fees should I pay to college?

A: You have to pay library fees, material fees, book fees, etc.

Q: Should I pay anything extra to you as a service charge?

A: I love that question. No, you don’t have to pay me anything. The college will provide me with some incentives and very happy with what I earn.

If you have any more questions in mind you can comment it below. And I will surely respond to you within 24 hours.


So wrapping up the MDS Admission section, I think this helped you a lot. I had tried my best to explain in a simple way about admission to MDS course in India through me. If you loved my blog and content, then I would really request you to share this on Facebook or any other social media.

If you have any questions in your mind, you can just comment it below and I will try to respond within 24 hours.

This post might be useful if you were searching for MDS direct admission, MDS course fees in India, MDS fees structure in Bangalore, MDS private dental college fees, MDS management seat cost, etc.

K Vishnu Nambiar

I am a dental student from Kerala. Currently studying in a dental college in Karnataka. I share here articles mainly related to dental education, making money online as a dentist and lot more. You can subscribe here to stay updated !

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