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This is the summary of GACDE dental academy who provide courses on laser dentistry, facial aesthitcs, implantology and lot more. They even provide coaching for NBDE.

There are many academies in India who provide certificate courses for dentists, and each one has its pros and cons. I had personally recommended my friends towards many institutes all over the globe. Here I would love to share another academy for dental education i.e Genesis Academy of Continuing Dental Education. I had not tried this institute personally and this is from the views and information I researched from alternative ways.

Genesis Academy of Continuing Dental Education has created a name for itself with outstanding Dental Education. Today I will be sharing the complete in-depth detail of Genesis Academy of Continuing Dental Education.

Genesis Academy of Continuing Dental Education

Being a dentist, I know some of the things we look for in a certificate program in dentistry:

  • Hands-On Learning
  • Patient Exposure
  • Affordability
  • After Support

Genesis Academy of Continuing Dental Education Brief:

Genesis Academy of Continuing Dental Education is a dental Institute situated in heart of the Ferozepur city. The academy was started in the year 2012 with the main aim to train dentists in special treatments in dentistry which are not experienced clinically during graduation. GACDE is an academy under the Genesis Institute of Dental Sciences. They provide various certificate courses for dentists.

GACDE provide various certificate course packages including facial aesthetics, advanced implantology, laser dentistry and lot more. Their facial aesthetics course package is perfect for all dentists.

Before I get into detail regarding Genesis Academy of Continuing Dental Education, let me tell you the basics. As an upcoming dentist whenever I evaluate a certificate program I measure the value based on several parameters:

  • Program Optimized for Clinical Dentistry
  • Course Fee
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Patient Exposure
  • Custom Support

I will explain everything in detail below and you can evaluate whether GACDE is right for your dental career.

GACDE as a Certificate Course:

My first interaction with GACDE occurred this year when I was trying to promote my blog through social media. There I came to join their Facebook Group which is having 8000+ active members. I joined the group and was really impressed by the treatments and courses they provide. They upload almost all treatments done in Facial Aesthetics. GACDE quick response team allowed me to know about their course details in less than five minutes.

The best thing is that their whole course module is very well optimized for clinics, and this is the main reason I guess dentists join this academy for their courses. 200+ dentists have joined this academy till date, and also I had seen a lot of supporters in social media. All the courses are conducted by experienced MDS faculty. I would whole heartedly refer this academy to all my readers.

Course Fee:

Laser Dentistry Facial Aesthetics  Advanced Implantology Custom Courses
Duration 2 Days 3 Days Depends on the Dentist’s  According to your time frame
Course Fee Rs.35,000 Rs.50,000 Contact Academy  Depends on Course
 Rating              9/10               10/10                       8/10                  NA
NBDE Coaching Minor Oral Surgeries  Advanced Periodontology Endo(Basic-Rotary)
Duration 4 Days 7 Days 10 Days  14 Days
Course Fee Rs.25,000 Rs.30,000 Rs.50,000  Rs.40,000
 Rating              7/10               10/10                       8.5/10                  9/10

Genesis Academy of Continuing Dental Educations’s course comes in four packages. You can choose the one which is right for you according to your clinical skills. They also provide

  • If you want to learn only Laser Dentistry then go for the first package.
  • If you plan to learn facial aesthetics then you should go for the second package.
  • Implant practice is a must for every dental clinic. Learn from basic to advanced implantology in the third package, that too in patients and not on models and improve your surgical skills.
  • Ok! Now think you want to learn everything including laser dentistry, facial aesthetics, implantology, minor oral surgeries etc then you should go for the last one.
  • Want to go abroad and work as a dentist? Preparing for NBDE? Then you must go for Bench Test Preparation for NBDE.
  • Not confident in doing minor oral surgeries? You must definitely try the minor oral surgery package.
  • And this package is worth for you and if interested you must definitely try. Its Basic and Advanced periodontology on patients. They will teach you flap surgery, FGG, CLG, bone grafts, growth factors, recession coverage and lot more.
  • Learn basic and rotary Endodontics by opting the Endo Package.

Note: Before opting for the fourth package make a list of treatments you want to learn and then contact the academy so that they can easily plan a customized pack for you.

My recommendation for you will be the Custom Package for fresher dentists as it offers a fusion of treatments in you time convenience and facial aesthetics for dentists who are running successful dental clinics.


With this discount link, you can get a 10% discount on all packages provided by Genesis Academy of Continuing Dental Educations. We will also give you free entry to our secret facebook and Whatsapp group with premium freebies. And they might provide few premium stuff according to the occasions. You can pay via wire transfer, cheque, DD and Direct deposit.

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Hands-On Learning:

GACDE is one of my top recommendations if you are looking for hands-on learning of implantology, facial aesthetics, laser dentistry and other treatments. You can check their facebook group where they had listed all their training videos, photographs, and articles. In a phone conversation with the course co-ordinator of GACDE, it was very clear that they will provide at least 10 Implants to their delegates.

Their whole module is hands on with the direct patient-oriented course. They never make you treat the dummies or models and send you away. GACDE always welcomes their candidates to do as many cases as possible during the course period.

Patient Exposure:

I mentioned it earlier that Genesis Academy of Continuing Dental Educations is a patient oriented hands-on learning center, but you might be thinking whether they have that much patient exposure. They come under the Genesis Institute of Dental Sciences and you can Imagine how many patients will be there in a dental college. The modules are also conducted in Laser and implant clinic which have specialized dedicated training center in the dental college. So never ever worry about patient exposure.

You will get at least 10 patients to treat daily!

Custom Support:

Yeah ! You have done with the course and later you are having a dilemma about some procedure. What to do now? It’s simple. Take the picture of your case and just share it in GACDE’s premium secret Whatsapp or Facebook group.

Compared to other dental certificate course providers in India, I would rate GACDE’s customer support as 4.5/5. You can get in touch with them through phone, e-mail, whats app and facebook. The average response time depends as they don’t run a big BPO to answer the queries, still they act fast.

If you had read this post clearly, then you might remember that I told you they have a quick response support team. They keep you a member of it for life time and you can share your cases have a solution right online.

Man Behind the Banner:

The man behind GACDE is Dr.Rajat Bhandari, BDS, MDSHe is MS in Laser Dentistry from Vienna. He has done and promoted various national and international publications. He is a master and inspiration in non-surgical face lifting, regenerative periodontology etc.

drrajat bhandari genesis dental academy

In a nutshell, for a cost mentioned above, GACDE is a reliable dental training academy perfect for all dentists even freshers.  Like online shopping sites, they don’t offer any money back guarantee and that is not a negative for a dental academy. In case if you are not satisfied with the modules you can surely contact the course coordinator and they will surely help you out.


You can find many other testimonials in their Facebook Group.

I hope this Genesis Academy of Continuing Dental Education post will help you to assess your options for a reliable dental academy. If you have any queries you can comment it below the post. Hope you loved this article and would like you to share in your dental circle.

Contact Details and a special discount link has been provided below only for DentalFry readers.

Contact Details:

You can contact them via phone, facebook, WhatsApp and even E-mail.

Phone: +91-9855767444 / +91-9814151553

Facebook: Click Here

E-Mail: genesis.cde@gmail.com

Want to get a 10% off on all the packages? < Here is the Discount Link >


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