Clinical Research After BDS - Most Important Things You Should Know

Clinical Research After BDS – Most Important Things You Should Know

Hey folks! Hope all of you are doing well. I know all of you here on this page have the biggest question after your dental graduation, i.e What after BDS? right? I had explained in detail the best career options after BDS in the previous post. I used to get at least 50 emails every month from dental students across the globe asking for clinical research after BDS.

So, in this post, I will talk in detail about the research options after BDS in India. And please note that the information given here is after my research both online and offline. I will start from the basics of clinical research for dentists.

What is Clinical Research after BDS?

Clinical Research is a program which can be done by BDS, BSc holders and many other graduates in India. It is mainly a healthcare branch where the researchers indulge in determining and investigating the safety and efficiency of drugs or medications, healthcare devices, treatment structures, diagnostic or treatment products, etc which are developed for use only on human beings.

Clinical Practice and Clinical Research is completely different. Clinical practice is what we have studied and proved and clinical research is where we invent or find pieces of evidence to develop a treatment method or device or drug etc.

After clinical research course, you can work as a medical advisor, drug developer, treatment researcher, drug, and treatment investigator, data project manages, etc.

Future of Clinical Research After BDS:

Okay, let’s be straightforward here. It’s true that you will be paid huge for clinical research jobs after BDS. But, I had found a few cons in this section. Yes, I mean it.

According to my knowledge, you will be paid around 2-4 Lakhs per month after you complete clinical research course. But, there are a lot of issues I found in it. I will list the top two problems which I felt. 😛

Problem 1: I searched a hell lot to find a good institute for clinical research after BDS. And to be frank I did only search online. I didn’t find any good institutes which are recognized by the government and a reputed university after my research. Let us assume, there are institutes which I don’t know. 😛

Problem 2: The next problem is placements after you complete clinical research course. I will tell you an example. I know a lot of students who joined Pharm.D, a six-year doctorate course, as it was rumored that it is an upcoming top professional course. Yes, it’s true that they are paid well, not in India only in European countries. You have to check for the passout-company ratio in India and decide.

Few companies abroad are recruiting dentists who completed clinical research directly with great payouts, and that is completely true. There are many people doing clinical research after BDS in the USA.

I even read it online that, hospitals like Fortis, Appolo, etc are recruiting clinical researchers with them and I am not updated with their salary packages.

So is Clinical Research one of the best career option after BDS?

Yes, it is! I answered this question here because after reading the details given below you might be confused whether it is a good option or not.

The salary for Clinical Research After BDS:

I know this is what everyone reading this post want to know. In India, the situation is not yet known. But, in European countries, they pay very well for clinical researchers. And say somewhere around 3-6 Lakhs Indian Rupees will be the salary of clinical research after BDS.

And I request you all to keep these as an estimate. The salary information given is from a source who is working there from the past eight years in the healthcare sector.

Interested to do Clinical Research after BDS?

To help you out, I had made a check-list which will help you join Clinical Research in good institutes. And if you want a serious career in clinical research after BDS, please follow these steps. It’s for your goodness and well-being friends. Sorry for being too personal. 😛

Beware of fraud institutes

Checklist for joining Clinical Research After BDS:

  • Make a list of Clinical Research institutes in India first.
  • Do a bit of online research about the institute in google. Also, check the news about the institute. For that, go to and select “News” link situated below the search bar near to “Images” link. Most of the negative news about the institute will be there.
  • Short-list the genuine clinical research institute.
  • Check their official website and see which university they are affiliated with.
  • If it is a UGC approved university check the official site here.
  • Go to the University they are affiliated and check the university website for details and recheck. Can’t find it on the university website? Feel free to call them and ask them directly whether the institute is affiliated to university for Clinical Research.
  • And to be frank, this is the most important step and for which people don’t have time. Visit the institute personally or contact someone whom you know personally who studies there. Never go directly to the institute office! 😛
  • Talk to students who are still there and also try to arrange contact with people who passed out from the institute. Talk, talk and connect. Nowadays its simple to get connected. Please use it here.
  • All clear? Pay the fee, join, learn, and enjoy.

Note: It’s really hard to study and pass dentistry. You have done your 5-year course and you are still confused now about your career. I want you to join an excellent institute for clinical research and have a great future. This is the reason why I had given you the check-list above and would be really cool if you follow it. Beware of fake institutes.  


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