BDS Admission Through Management Quota 2019 - You Must Read This

BDS Admission Through Management Quota 2019 – You Must Read This

Welcome to the complete and exclusive edition by DentalFry, where you are updated with complete career guidance towards BDS admission. This guide is for candidates who are very much interested to join BDS through management quota or NRI quota.

First of all, you must qualify for the NEET exam to go through the BDS admission process.

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In this article, I will discuss the following:

  • How to select a Dental College to take BDS admission?
  • Recommended dental colleges for BDS admission.
  • List of Dental Colleges I deal with.
  • Benefits of taking BDS admission through my consultancy: Scholarships, Referral Program, Free Study Material, etc.
  • Features of my BDS Admission Consultancy.

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In India, there are a lot of educational service companies or consultancies who offer the same service. But, we don’t work like other consultants. We only deal with dental aspirant candidates. We don’t deal with any other courses.

Like every other consultant, I also work to earn a living. But, I will provide you excellent benefits which are worth it. I don’t charge anything from the candidate, the institutions pay me to refer a candidate. I am not going to rip-off your pockets.

I will provide you excellent benefits if you are interested to join an institution through me.

How to select a Dental College for BDS Admission?

Read this carefully, because this is the best resource available online to select a dental college for your studies. The two major things you should check is the patient exposure and college management.

Patient Exposure:

  • I highly recommend you to join dental colleges with excellent patient records. Without studying hands-on in dentistry, you are wasting your valuable time.
  • Please do inquire about the college and its patient exposure. In some colleges, there will be a lot of patients. But, the student to patient ratio will be bad.

Faculties in clinical departments like Endo, Prostho, Ortho, Surgery, etc:

Faculties in clinical departments should be the best. Best doesn’t mean he/she should be a gold medalist or rank holder. What I mean is, whether the lecture has the confidence to give the students a chance to work. I had seen colleges only giving their students just cavity filling. I also know colleges where they will provide you Root Canal Treatment.

Extra Charges and Management-Student Relation:

  • Some college managements are worst and they irritate students for petty fees in the name of a fine, shortage fees, etc. Know about that too. I had read online stories of students who ended up their life due to college management harassment.
  • Management-Student Relation should be good. Some dental colleges in India have the worst management and they treat the students like slaves (literally) :P. This is not that big issue, still, keep that in mind.

These are the main points to keep in mind while selecting a private dental college in India for BDS admission through management quota.

There are few other things you want to keep in mind while selecting a dental college for BDS admission. (Not that serious, but parents might be serious about this :P)

  • Dental College location and distance from your place. In India, this is what parents want to know and ensure their child safety.
  • Climatic Conditions is also one thing you want to see if you are allergic to any climate. I had seen in some area the water is not good and the student gets jaundice etc.

Benefits of taking BDS Admission through me:

I had listed all the benefits which every student gets when he/she joins through my reference. These are surely useful for your dental career and I am so sure about it folks. If any exclusive benefits are introduced that will also be included for all the candidates.

DentalFry Xclusive Benefits:

  • Scholarships: We provide scholarships to students who secure top marks in their university exams. We regularly conduct scholarship exams online for dental students and provide them many premium features free of cost. It depends on the student’s performance only.
  • Discounts and Offers: I know you have to live on a budget in student life. Don’t worry! With you people, I will share a lot of discount coupons which you can use for food, clothing, gadgets, books, study materials, etc. I can’t predict the niche of the products or services, but I am sure its worth for you.
  • Free Study Materials: I know it’s hard to study through those 2000 pages International books and it takes hours to understand the subject. We will courier you the Study Materials of all subjects which will make your studies easy. I will also provide you with the latest edition of Question Banks which will help you score very good marks in the exams.

Fame and Earn Benefits:

  • DentalFry VIP group access for Free: We will add you to the VIP group of DentalFry where thousands of dentists are members. You can share your doubts, experience, cases and you get a professional reply. You can find information about dental marketing, surgery cases, study materials, tips and tricks in dentistry, etc.
  • Exclusive E-mail -> We will provide you with premium and personalized email for free.
  • Guest Author: All work for two things mainly i.e Fame and Money. DentalFry got thousands of viewers daily from around the world. If you have good writing skills, we give you a chance to share your experiences, thoughts and almost anything in the dental field. And you got a lot of fame there brother! 😛
  • Refer: You can earn or get a discount on your fees if you refer a student to my Dental Consultancy. I don’t prefer BDS students to do this for money. Think you get a discount on your tuition or any other institutional fees. 

These are the benefits you will get if you join BDS through my reference. And I know these are jaw-dropping. I would also love to explain my dental consulting service. I also work as other educational consultants, but I provide you with awesome benefits.

Why my BDS Admission Consulting Program?

I will list all these features my consulting program provides you. I had tried my best to include as many facilities as I can to help and support the students.

  • Seat Booking Facility: If you want to secure a management or NRI seat in the best dental colleges in India for BDS admission then you can go for this facility.
  • Easy and Secure Payment: You can do payment in installment or one shot. If you pay one shot then you can get a little discount on the total package. All fees you can pay directly to college by Cheque/DD/Online Transfer/Direct Deposit etc.
  • Educational Loan Help: If you are looking for an educational loan, then we will arrange documents necessary for loan application from college and university. We don’t provide an educational loan, we only provide supporting documents.
  • Best Dental Colleges: We only deal with recognized, affiliated and government approved dental colleges only. We will give you options of dental colleges which have good patient exposure and faculty for BDS admission.
  • Job Support: After your graduation, we can also help you with getting a job in dental clinics or colleges in India. We have tie-ups with few clinics and colleges around.
  • Further Education: After your UG, if you want to join for any diploma course or MDS Admission, we can help you in many ways.
  • After Support: After the BDS admission procedure, if you are facing any problems from the institution side we will surely help you out. We can even help you with Internship transfer from one college to another.


If you are not interested to take BDS admission through me, then it’s really cool for me. 😛

You can check for educational consultants in your area and I will be surely happy for you all.

I will list down a few things you should keep in mind before you make a deal with an educational consultant. Check the list and then go the consultant, if they meet the criteria.

You should only deal with Educational Consultants who are:

  • Having a very good field history in terms of payments and different dental colleges in India.
  • Having a registered office, where you can contact anytime for any admission related issues.
  • Ready to help with arranging loan documents.
  • Providing total package at low fees.
  • Providing an installment payment facility.
  • Only tied up with government approved and DCI recognized colleges only.
  • Providing excellent after and career support.
  • Providing extra benefits for taking BDS admission through them.

These are the few main things I would inquire if I am taking a BDS admission through management quota in India.

Frequently Asked Questions about BDS Admission:

Majority of the parents and students ask me these questions regularly. First, please read through these series of questions and then contact me personally. Most of your queries are cleared in this.

Q: Is it necessary to qualify the NEET Exam to get BDS admission through management/NRI quota?

A: Yes, Qualifying NEET is must for BDS admission through management or NRI quota.


Q: Is it possible to book a seat before giving the NEET exam?

A: Yes, it is possible. In case if you don’t qualify in NEET exam then you won’t be able to get admission in the college.


Q: What if I want to cancel a booked seat?

A: It’s possible to cancel a booked seat. You should contact the consultant for the procedure. But, most of the college will cut-off some amount as the service charge.


Q: Apart from tuition fees, what extra fees might be there?

A: Depending on the college, they may charge extra for library fees, transportation fees, etc. Hostel and food should be paid extra.


Q: Should I pay you anything as a service charge, if I take a seat through you?

A: You don’t have to pay me anything extra. If I refer you to a college, the college will surely pay me.

If you have any more questions, you can comment it below and I will try my best to respond within 24 hours or you can mail me on or call me personally on +91-9747352631.

List of Dental Colleges in India I am dealing with:

I deal almost with all private dental colleges in India. But, I would like to list a few colleges here so that you can have an idea. And if you are looking for any private college you can surely ping me.

  • ITS Dental College and Hospital
  • IP Dental College
  • IDST, Institute of Dental Studies and Technologies, Ghaziabad.
  • Genesis Dental College
  • Swami Devi Dyal Dental College
  • Sharavathi Dental College and Hospital
  • Yenepoya Dental College
  • Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences
  • Surender Dental College
  • Vishnu Dental College
  • Santosh Dental College
  • Subbaiah Dental College, SHimoga
  • Bapuji Dental College, Davanegere
  • SDM Dental College
  • College of Dental Science
  • Bangalore Institute of Dental Science
  • SJM Dental College
  • SRM Dental Dental College
  • Saveetha Dental College
  • AJ Institute of Dental Sciences
  • AB Shetty Dental College
  • Coorg Institute of Dental Studies, CIDS
  • Hassanamba Dental College
  • JSS Dental College
  • Farooqia Dental College
  • Al-Ameen Dental College
  • Al-Badar Dental College
  • AECS Maruthi Dental College
  • Rajiv Gandhi Dental College
  • Shyamala Reddy Dental College
  • MS Rammaiah Dental College
  • KGF Dental College
  • PNMNM Dental College
  • Century Dental College
  • Azeezia Dental College
  • Malabar Dental College
  • Royal Dental College
  • Vinayaka Mission Dental College
  • VELS Dental College
  • Gokulam Dental College
  • Mahe Dental College
  • Adiparashakthi Dental College
  • Al-Azhar Dental College
  • Annor Dental College
  • Kannur Dental College
  • Maharaja Ganga Sign Dental College
  • Bhaba Dental College
  • Buddha Dental College
  • PSM Dental College
  • Chettinad Dental College
  • Sri Ramachandra Dental College
  • RV Dental College, Bangalore.
  • Mar Baselios Dental College Ernakulam, Kerala

and lot more. I deal with more than 120+ colleges all over India. If you have a specific college preference then I will help you with it.

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Time to wrap up this big long post about BDS admission in India through management quota. I guess I had done my best telling you in detail about the procedures and how to get a BDS admission through management seat in India.

If you loved my blog post, then I would be surely happy if you share it with your friends. Still, if you have any questions in your mind, do comment it below and I will try to respond ASAP.

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I am a dental student from Kerala. Currently studying in a dental college in Karnataka. I share here articles mainly related to dental education, making money online as a dentist and lot more. You can subscribe here to stay updated !

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